Want to land a graduate position? Here’s how!

From left: Anette, Juliet, Constantin and Niamh 

Finding the right job after graduation can be a struggle. We asked four of our current Danske Graduates to share their best advice to the Master’s students out there dreaming of an international career start. 

Constantin Marinescu, 2016 Finance & Economics graduate:
“Do your research and make sure you know 100% why you are applying. The ‘why’ is such a powerful thing for you as a candidate. Read the annual report, reach out to that 2nd or 3rd degree connection on LinkedIn who is a Danske Graduate. I’m pretty sure you have one – if not add me on LinkedIn and ask me! I did that and it really helped me understand why Danske Bank is such a good place to work after university if you want to use your degree to do something meaningful.”
Niamh Cery Hesketh, 2016 Business Innovation graduate:

“Go for it! You probably have an impression of what Danske Bank wants but any background and profile goes, we are so much more open minded than you think. I have a degree in art history and I used to think that I needed to play down my background when I applied for jobs but I have found out that that is actually what makes me stand out.” 

Juliet Jie Zhang, 2017 Business Innovation Graduate:

“My best advice is to never be afraid to challenge the status quo. As Danske Graduate we are hired for a reason and part of that is to be a fresh pair of eyes and challenge the way the bank works. If you see something that you feel like you can improve or spot a project that you are passionate about, go for it. I know that when you are applying for a job and going to interviews you want to adapt and fit in but it doesn’t hurt to speak out.”

Anette Kaae Eriksen, 2016 Business Innovation Graduate:
“It’s easy to say to yourself: ‘so many talented people apply for the graduate programmes so I probably won’t get it’. I say quit that attitude and apply! If you don’t try you will never find out if you have what it takes to make the cut.”

The application deadline for Danske Graduate this year is January 25. Read more and apply here.