The activities of Danske Bank Group affect the environment in various ways, both directly though our operations and indirectly through our business activities.

Meeting the climate change challenge 
As part of our work to reduce the Group's direct environmental impact in the years ahead, we have focused on initiatives to counteract climate change. As part of Danske Bank Group’s climate strategy, we have achieved carbon neutrality in all our activities every year since 2009. See how in our Greenhouse Gas Accounts.

We achieve carbon neutrality by reducing CO2 emissions from our own operations and offsetting the remainder by investing in carbon credits from carbon credit projects. Our objective is first of all to reduce our own CO2 emissions and only to offset the amount that we cannot eliminate.

Carbon neutrality is a big step in the right direction, but we will continue our work to reduce the Group’s CO2 emissions in the years ahead. In 2010, we set a target for electricity reductions from the 2009 level: 20% by 2014. We were pleased that we achieved this goal in 2012, two years ahead of time.

In 2013, we therefore increased our reduction target from 20% to 30% from 2009 to the end of 2014. In 2014 we surpassed this target, ending with a total reduction of 37% since 2009. We achieved the reductions by constantly optimising our electrical installations and devices and by making changes in the branch network.

Internal and external environmental requirements
Since 2006 we have placed environmental requirements on our suppliers and carried out internal projects such as setting up virtual meeting facilities to reduce our environmental impact. Our in-house printing office was recently awarded the official ecolabel of the Nordic countries (Svanemærket).

Danske Bank is also a signatory to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and has reported to it for a number of years. 

Last updated 3 February 2015

Overview of environment and climate

Environment dilemmas

In our daily work on corporate responsibility, we encounter cases that present dilemmas and require careful consideration.

Climate Strategy

Read Danske Bank's Climate Strategy from 2007.

Environmental impact

Danske Bank has a direct impact on the environment through its daily activities and an indirect effect through lending and investment decisions.

Environmental management

Our environmental management system ensures that we continue to improve our environmental behaviour.

Carbon credit projects

In order to offset the CO2 emissions that cannot be eliminated, the Group has purchased carbon credits that create real CO2 emissions reductions.

Emissions reductions

To achieve carbon neutrality we work first of all to reduce our own CO2 emissions.

Corporate Responsibility Report 2015
Download Danske Bank Group's latest report on Corporate Responsibility.

 Read the Corporate Responsibility Report 2015 
Danske Bank Group has signed the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative.

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