Employee dilemmas

Customers, employees, politicians, suppliers, public authorities, the media and citizens have diverse attitudes towards and expectations of Danske Bank Group. We recognise the need to consider all facts and viewpoints in order to make the best possible decision in the interests of our customers and other stakeholders - and thus of our business.

In our daily work on corporate responsibility, we encounter cases that present dilemmas and require careful consideration. In this section, we give examples of these dilemmas and some insight into what we mean by a responsible business.

Overview of dilemmas

Is it OK to address health issues?

Should an employer try to improve its employees' health, or is it meddling in personal matters?

Are quotas the solution?

How do we get more women in management, if we do not support quotas?

Does flex-time increase the risk of stress?

How to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

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Socially responsible investments

The Responsibility policy is intended to ensure that customers' funds are not invested in companies that violate recognised norms.

More dilemmas

In working on corporate responsibility, we encounter dilemmas in all our focus areas. 

Read about society dilemmas

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