Investor Relations Policy

Danske Bank’s Investor Relations department aspires to provide service that meets the highest standards in global investor relations and in particular the banking sector, thus supporting high liquidity and fair pricing of Danske Bank shares and ensuring that Danske Bank is perceived as a reliable, predictable, accessible and professional company by the capital markets.

Through stringent and consistent messaging, we aim to support Danske Bank’s strategic goals and reputation through best practice in all relevant areas, including strategic and proactive investor targeting, innovative digital solutions and consistent professional consultation with all relevant stakeholders.

The overarching objective of Danske Bank’s IR function is to inform and communicate with equity and debt investors, analysts and other IR stakeholders about the Group’s activities and to do so openly, honestly and in a timely fashion. We do this in compliance with all national and international statutory requirements, relevant stock exchange regulations and on the basis of corporate governance standards and recommendations from relevant organizations.

Responsibility and organisation
The Executive Board is responsible for the existence of an Investor Relations department, whose head is responsible for the Group’s compliance with this IR policy. The Head of IR reports directly to the Group Chief Financial Officer.
It is the role of the Investor Relations department to communicate information from and about the capital markets to Danske Bank’s Executive Board, to support the Executive Board in keeping the Board of Directors well informed, and generally to act as a partner for the entire organization. The Investor Relations function has access to and receives support from the Executive Board in this effort.

Executive officers and Investor Relations officers are authorized as spokespersons to communicate with capital market participants.
Publication of financial reports and other information
As a listed company, Danske Bank publishes statements of financial results and makes other company announcements to the public in accordance with relevant statutory requirements.

Immediately after the release of financial statements and other major news assumed to have a significant effect on Danske Bank’s share price,
• We publish the statements and other announcements on our corporate website and apps in English and Danish, along with fact book and other supplementary information.
• We arrange conference calls, video transmissions and the like on our website and apps accompanied by presentations, speeches and other relevant information. Transcripts, including subsequent questions and answers, are made available on the website and apps within a few days.

We proactively target certain institutional investors in order to achieve a stable and diversified investor base and to support high liquidity in and fair pricing of Danske Bank shares. We also target a broad level of coverage by relevant analysts and conduct shareholder identification studies regularly.

Events and meetings with investors and analysts

Investor Relations is responsible for Danske Bank’s contact with investors and analysts, for example through regular roadshows, investor conferences, group and individual meetings, ad hoc calls and e-mail messages. We also host capital markets days and similar events as needed in order to further increase transparency and dialogue with investment communities.
In our communications with stakeholders, we answer questions as long as they clearly do not require the disclosure of inside information or are otherwise deemed to be potentially damaging to the Group.
When asked to review draft analyst reports, we limit our comments to the following:
• correcting historical factual information
• drawing attention to publicly available data
• discussing general information that may affect underlying assumptions
• discussing issues that clearly are non-material

Silent period
For a period of three weeks prior to the planned release of the quarterly financial reports (known as the “silent” or “quiet” period), we will not comment on or discuss matters related to the Group’s general financial performance or expectations.
Roadshow allocation
We select investment banking partners for meetings with institutional investors on the basis of the following criteria:
• demonstrated understanding of and keen interest in Danske Bank and our industry, including close coverage by the analyst
• deep knowledge of and access to current and potential investors in order to secure relevant, high-quality meetings
After each roadshow, we evaluate our banking partners on the basis of these criteria, and we use the findings in planning future allocations. We encourage transparency by providing these partners with feedback and scores.

Annual general meeting

At Danske Bank’s annual general meeting, shareholders are invited to speak, submit questions to the Board of Directors and exercise their influence by voting on issues on the agenda. The chairman’s report is transmitted on the website.
We track our progress according to internal targets and by means of periodic perception studies, rankings and other relevant input from stakeholders. The outcome, results and recommendations of such perception studies are subsequently shared with the Executive Board in order that these may take obtained responses, input and recommendations into consideration with view to improve the performance of Danske Bank and the IR function.

Last updated on 30 September 2016 

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