Towards a low-carbon economy

Danske Bank wants to play a role in supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy. We support the transition to a low-carbon economy, directly in our operations and indirectly in collaboration with customers, portfolio companies and business partners.



Our climate strategy

At Danske Bank, we have been working to reduce our negative impact on the environment for many years. We developed our first climate strategy in 2007, and we update it regularly, most recently in 2015.

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Largest private owner of solar cell parks

In 2015, Danica Pension invested DKK 35 million in energy efficiency. In the period until 2020, Danica Pension will invest a total of DKK 200 million in additional projects in order to reduce energy consumption in our property portfolio by 30%. In the same period, we will invest DKK 100 million in 18 large solar cell parks at Danica Pension’s properties, making us the largest private owner of solar cell parks in Denmark.


The number of tonnes per year by which we will reduce CO2 emissions in the period until 2020.

Investing our money in green bonds

Since December 2014, Danske Bank Treasury, which is responsible for the bank’s own bond holdings, has placed around DKK 1 billion in green bonds. Green bonds are issued to fund projects that have a positive environmental impact, for example large renewable energy projects, such as wind farms, and urban development projects involving sustainable transportation and infrastructure. The bonds must meet certain sustainability criteria.

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Our position on climate change

In 2016, we published our first position statement on climate change in order to clarify how we address challenges related to climate change and to establish a shared framework for a proactive dialogue with our stakeholders on the topic.

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Our environmental performance

CO2 neutral since 2009

Goal to reduce energy consumption by 15 % towards 2018 from the 2014 level

All electricity consumption at Danske Bank premises are supplied by renewable electricity

Second-best score in Carbon Disclosure Project among Nordic financial institutions in 2016

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