Our approach to competition law

Danske Bank welcomes open competition. It is our policy to comply completely with competition laws, and employees must avoid situations that could lead to unlawful and anti-competitive conduct, for example:

  • Agreements (including gentlemen’s agreements) with competitors to share information on future prices  
  • Agreements with competitors regarding the allocation of markets or customers
  • Discussions at trade association meetings on topics that are sensitive from a competition perspective, such as prices, costs and marketing strategies

The Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union as well as most national laws sets forth regulations protecting open and efficient competition. Danske Bank must comply with these regulations, which consist basically of the following:

  • prohibitions against anti-competitive agreements
  • prohibitions against abuse of a dominant position

Although all Danske Bank employees can be held responsible for breaches of the competition law, these employee groups have expanded responsibilities:

  • Employees with decisive influence on customers’ terms and conditions  
  • Employees with supplier or competitor contact
  • Employees who attend meetings of trade associations 

They must be familiar with the basic principles of competition law, be able to identify situations in which competition law issues may arise, and regularly complete an e-learning programme on anti-competitive agreements.

Compliance programme

We have a programme for raising awareness of competition law that is intended for employees in all countries. The Competition Law Compliance Programme includes a manual on competition law that is easily accessible on our intranet, e-learning programmes, including a version that is mandatory for all employees, and training sessions for selected managers and employees.

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