Interest on reminder fees

In connection with the analysis of the debt collection issue, we have found that we have wrongfully collected interest on reminder fees. The error arose in connection with an amendment of the Danish Interest Act (Renteloven) to which our systems were not adapted.

We are currently reviewing all reminder fees that we have charged in Denmark since 2005 – this concerns about 370,000 customers. In how many cases interest on reminder fees has been charged is still unclear. Customers who have paid interest on reminder fees will of course be reimbursed and will receive compensation for the time that the money should have been at their disposal. 

At this stage, our analysis show that half of the customers affected to have paid under DKK 10 in interest on reminder fees. We are still in the process of analysing the issue and have also identified cases with significantly larger amounts.

We have identified a similar issue in Norway, where up to 190,000 customers can be affected. We are looking into the scope of the issue there and the economic consequences, but expect the average compensation ammount to be higher in Norway.

We have made sure to stop the wrongful charging of new reminder fees – in Denmark as well as in Norway – and will ensure that all potentially affected customers in both countries are informed of the issue as quickly as possible.

Customers affected and communication to them

We are examining fees and interest paid since 2005 by about 370,000 customers in Denmark and 190,000 in Norway who may potentially be affected by the issue. 

Numbers below updated 30 June 2021

Numbers from Denmark

Up to 370,000 customers potentially affected

303,000 customers are informed

200,000 customers have received compensation

Numbers from Norway

Up to 190,000 customers potentially affected


  • May 2021 – Affected customers in Denmark begin to receive compensation 

    In May 2021, we begin paying compensation to the affected customers in Denmark.

  • March 2021 Potentially affected customers in Denmark begin to be contacted

    In March 2021, we begin to contact customers in Denmark, who potentially can have been charged interest on reminder fees. We inform them of the issue and that they may be affected.

  • Sept. 2020 – We stop charging interest on reminder fees

    In September 2020 we stop the charging of new reminder fees.

  • May 2020 – An internal review is initiated

    In connection with the analysis of the debt collection issue, we identify the wrongful charging of interest on reminder fees. In May 2020, we initiate a comprehensive analysis of the issue and its scope.

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