Voluntary deficit sales agreements via home

As part our debt collection investigations, we identified a practice of Danske Bank negotiating property sale fees with all real estate agents in Denmark except for the Danske Bank Group’s own real estate agency chain ‘home’. Customers agreed to these fees in connection with the repayment of their debt. This practice, which existed from 2013 to 2019, may have resulted in some customers paying too high agency fees to home. Today, we have procedures that ensure that we treat all real estate agents equally, including home.

Customers affected and information to them

We are examining a group of around 2,000 customers, who may be affected by the practice and may therefore have paid too much. If we find this to be the case, customers will of course be compensated.

Numbers below updated 1 February 2021

Around 2,000 customers estimated to be potentially affected

Around 1,200 customers informed about potentially being affected


  • Nov. 2020 – Potentially affected customers begin to receive information

    In November 2020, we begin informing potentially affected customers that we are investigating whether the practice led the customer to pay estate agent fees that were too high. We inform by letter and via danskebank.dk and also send out a press release.

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  • July 2019 – Danske Bank stops the practice

    In July 2019, we stop the practice and today, we have procedures that ensure that we treat all real estate agents equally, including home.

  • Spring 2019 – The issue is identified and an internal review is initiated

    During spring 2019, we identify that Danske Bank does not negotiate fee proposals from real estate agent home, while fee proposals from other real estate agents are negotiated. To assess the scope of the issue, an internal review is initiated.

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