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Non-forced property sales made via home in which a loss is accepted

As part of the investigation into Danske Bank’s debt collection system, we discovered a practice whereby Danske Bank negotiated agency fees with all real estate agents except for home, which is part of the Danske Bank Group, in connection with property sales that customers agreed to in order to repay debt. This practice, which existed from 2013 to 2019, may have resulted in some customers paying too high agency fees to home.

Customers affected and information to them

We have examined a group of around 2,000 customers, who may be affected by the practice and may therefore have paid too much.

Numbers below updated 23 February 2022

Approximately 2,000 customers may be affected

1,300* customers are informed about potentially being affected
*Reduced by 150 in June 2021 based on updated analyses.
The remaining customers potentially affected are not yet informed because it e.g. are closed estates.

About 800 customers are not affected

In 915 trades, the agency fee was not negotiated

About 600 customers have received compensation


  • Affected customers begin to receive compensation.

  • In November 2020, Danske Bank begins notifying potentially affected customers of the issue by letter and via We also send out a press release.

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  • Danske Bank provides a full written account of the debt collection case to the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (DFSA), which includes the voluntary deficit sales agreements via home.

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  • Danske Bank stops the practice. Today, we have procedures that ensure that we treat all real estate agents equally, including home.

  • As part of the investigation into the debt collection case, it is discovered that Danske Bank does not negotiate fee proposals from real estate agent home, while fee proposals from other real estate agents are negotiated. To assess the scope of the problem, an internal review is initiated to understand the problem.

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