P27: A payment initiative that connects the Nordic region

The Nordic payments market is one of the most advanced, innovative and efficient in the world. Project 27 aims to break down barriers for trade and financial interaction between the Nordic countries by making payments more efficient and transparent, including across borders.

Denmark, Finland and Sweden will be covered by the platform from start and later on Norway will be considered. However, P27 could eventually be open for more countries and banks joining.

A global payment infrastructure that meets the needs of tomorrow

The P27 project aims to provide a future proof infrastructure that will enable faster adaptation to new technologies and help the Nordic countries to maintain their position as some of the world’s most digital societies. It will contribute to harmonizing payment standards across the Nordics, modernize the payment capabilities and enable instant payments, both domestic and cross-border for Nordic currencies.

Katrine Mitens

Head of Payments & New Ventures, Danske Bank

P27 aims to create a pan-Nordic clearing platform

  • From nine different clearing solutions to one clearing platform
  • Harmonized payment services
  • Reach new scale and efficiency with an updated platform

Customer benefits

Our vision is to be recognised as the most trusted financial partner. We want to help our customers become financially confident and help them build their lives and businesses on a solid financial foundation. By being part of P27, Danske Bank can provide the foundation for future innovation and enable customers to be more financially confident in the pursuit of achieving their dreams and ambitions.

Instant cross-border payments

Instant capabilities for domestic and cross-border payments for the four Nordic currencies

Standardisation across the Nordics

Improved access to new markets as P27 will be based on European standards adapted to the Nordic markets’ requirements.

Improved reporting offerings

Potential to leverage transactional data for improved reconciliation processes and liquidity overview to ensure efficiency and standardised reporting.

A world of possibilities

Enable higher security and fraud prevention and new payment services

Changes in the payment industry

The payments industry is going through a big transition and a new platform for innovative customer solutions is highly anticipated, especially for payments on mobile.

P27 will provide a foundation for potentially interconnecting mobile payment solutions, such as by enabling a user of a mobile payment solution to transfer to a user of the same or different mobile payment solution in another country.

27 million inhabitants to benefit

Project 27 is a joint initiative by Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, Nordea, OP Financial Group, SEB and Swedbank. The Project 27 name derives from the project’s aim to improve payments for the 27 million inhabitants in the Nordics.