The Essence of Danske Bank

Our Essence is the foundation on which we build our business. It defines who we are, what we want to achieve, how we will compete, and what our values are.

It consists of our vision, strategic core, customer promise and core values. 

Our customer promise

We help customers be financially confident and achieve their ambitions by making daily banking and important financial decisions easy.

Strategic core

We are a modern bank for people and businesses across the Nordics with deep financial competence and leading innovative solutions.

Our vision is to be recognised as the most trusted financial partner

Our core values

  • We deliver EXPERTISE
    For us, expertise is about

    • delivering competitive financial solutions through the strongest knowledge, skills and technology
    • listening to the customer and providing relevant advice and offerings
    • being a proactive guide for our customers
    • knowing when to make a decision on the spot and when to get back with the answer
    • dealing constructively with mistakes and always learning from them
    • acknowledging a diversity of opinions and including differing perspectives
    • hard work, training and continuous learning at every staff level
    • striving for best practice externally and internally at all times
    • being humble about individual competencies and knowing that we are stronger as a team
    • delivering our messages in a simple and understandable manner
  • We act with INTEGRITY
    By integrity, we mean

    • ensuring that our values are never compromised
    • having high ethical standards and conducting business in an orderly manner
    • being reliable and always keeping our word and fulfilling our commitments
    • being honest, transparent and predictable
    • eliciting confidence through high quality, precision and promptness
    • treating others with respect
    • acknowledging our impact on society and living up to our responsibilities
    • contributing responsibly to the communities we serve
    • building and maintaining good relationships with our key stakeholders
  • We create VALUE
    To us, creating value is about

    • being aware that long-term shareholder value is created by delivering value for customers
    • understanding customer needs and helping customers achieve their ambitions
    • taking the initiative before our customers even express their needs
    • enabling and supporting strong individual performance and rewarding customer-centric behaviour
    • empowering people to take action
    • contributing to the success of our customers, employees, shareholders and the societies of which we are part by running a solid business
    • being aware of how we create shareholder value
    • being cost- and capital-efficient
    • simplifying and optimising the way we work
    • working constantly to deliver improvements and innovations
    • setting ambitious goals and striving for excellence in all that we do
  • We progress through AGILITY
    When we talk about agility, we mean

    • adapting continuously to changes in our business and market environment
    • innovating our offerings and services by understanding and responding to changing customer needs
    • understanding and staying ahead of the trends that reshape our industry
    • continuously improving the customer experience
    • finding new ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency
    • embracing new knowledge and alternative practices
    • making things simple, convenient and easy to understand
    • challenging existing procedures and behaviours
    • being accessible and fast in our responses
    • being nimble and able to take advantage of new opportunities
    • finding new ways to navigate through complexity
  • We believe in COLLABORATION
    To us, collaboration is about

    • including the perspective of external and internal stakeholders
    • being part of finding the best possible solutions for the customers and the Group
    • being helpful and supportive towards customers and colleagues
    • encouraging dialogue and discussion followed by strong execution
    • taking ownership regardless of organisational borders
    • providing constructive feedback and helping others to succeed and grow
    • challenging others on the basis of understanding and expertise
    • being attentive to people and straightforward
    • sharing the work load as well as the successes
    • encouraging initiatives and engagement
    • sharing ideas openly to co-create solutions

A  history of innovation

We have an ambition to make daily banking and important financial decisions easy for our customers. To fulfil this ambition, we aim to offer state-of-the-art innovative solutions.

But being innovative is not something new. We have been innovative since the very beginning. Click the timeline and discover our many groundbreaking solutions throughout history.


For the first time in Denmark, we offer overdraft facilities.



First safe deposit boxes in Europe

As the first bank in Europe, we introduce safe deposit boxes at our facilities in Copenhagen, Denmark.



Introducing the piggy bank to the Danes
The bank introduces the piggy bank – an entirely new, American concept – in the Danish market. A messenger from the bank comes by the customer’s home once a month to collect the savings.



Easy money transporting
As the first Danish bank, we begin to use cars for transporting cash to and from our branches.



Modern banking in Finland
The postal giro payment system is introduced. It is the first modern banking system in Finland, and it makes daily banking significantly easier for local businesses.



Faster customer service
Customers are served faster and easier with the introduction of a new customer service system at the Danish branches.



Banking transactions on computers
As the first company in Finland, the bank starts using one of the earliest IBM computers for its banking transactions.



Introducing Pondus piggy banks
The bank is the first to launch a savings account concept for children in Denmark. The penguin Pondus becomes its mascot and our customers’ children can get a Pondus piggy bank for their savings. Within six months, 300,000 children own a Pondus.



Introducing ATMs in Finland
In Finland, we introduce banking terminals – ATMs – to help customers make daily banking easy. In 1988, there are 2,600 terminals in place across Finland.



Bank account structure with lasting impact on banking in Norway

We are the first bank in Norway to introduce a completely new bank account system with just three different account types – a more simple and transparent solution than other current offers. Especially the savings account is revolutionary with high interest rates, no notice period and no interest rate reductions on withdrawals. The new structure has a lasting impact on the Norwegian banking system.



First payment terminals 

The Bank is the first bank to test payment terminals in Norwegian shops.



High-interest checking account with a growing interest rate 

The first high-interest checking account in Finland is introduced. The rate of interest increases with amounts deposited and interest accrues on a daily basis.



Introducing eBanking 
We launch the first eBanking solution for personal customers in Norway allowing people to do their banking at home. Three years later, we are also the first to introduce eBanking for businesses in Norway.



Online share trading
Danske Bank’s customers are among the first in Denmark to be able to buy and sell securities on the stock exchange through online banking.



Innovative online banking
We introduce a new and more secure online banking system in Finland. For the first time, customers can pay their bills entirely online. The following year, customers make more transactions online than at branches.



First mobile banking in the world
As the first bank in the world, we make banking services available on mobile phones in Finland. We are tapping into the new WAP technology that can connect to the online banking system.



First with mobile banking on smartphones
As the first bank in Denmark and Finland, Danske Bank launches mobile banking apps for iPhone and Android smartphones.



Tablet bank for iPad
Tablet banking for iPad is the first of its kind in Denmark. It offers the same user experience as mobile banking, while it is specifically tailored to the device. In 2012, we launch tablet banking in Norway, Sweden and Finland. In Finland, we are also the first bank to offer this solution.



Revolutionising mobile payments
Danske Bank launches MobilePay in Denmark and Finland. It is the first app on both markets to offer mobile payments. At first, the app offers payments between individuals, but later the solution opens up for businesses to accept MobilePay as means of payment in web shops, at points of sales and for invoices.



Flexible home loans
We introduce a range of unique home loans in Finland designed to suit our customers in various life situations. The new loans offer different levels of financial flexibility and security.



Online solution for small businesses
We introduce the online service DynamicPay in the Danish market. The solution is made to help small businesses improve their cash flows and enable them to take in new orders, contributing to growth and job creation in society.


Danske Bank's history

Danske Bank Group’s history goes back to the founding of Den Danske Landmandsbank in 1871. Two years later, in 1873, Handelsbanken is founded. It remained Danske Bank's neighbour and competitor until the two banks merged in 1990.

After the merger, the continuing bank is named Den Danske Bank. 

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A selection of our current solutions

We have a constant focus on improving our advisory services and developing unique digital products. Our goal is to give our customers the best possible advice and provide them with seamless digital solutions. By constantly developing our offerings and introducing new and innovative tools, we aim to create value for all our customers – from making daily payments easy for our personal customers to supporting our large corporate customers in developing their businesses.

Helping customers finding the right home

Searching for you dream home, it is easy to focus only on the price. But what does a home actually cost per month? And how much is left, when the expenses are paid? Sunday provides the full overview. Sunday is a digital tool, which serves both as a personal housing loan calculator and as a site showing the homes that house hunters can afford and how a specific home purchase will affect the financial situation.

Helping small businesses improve their cash flows

Long payment deadlines are a key obstacle to maintaining liquidity for small and medium-sized businesses. They can cause businesses to miss new projects because of a lack of working capital. With the DynamicPay solution, our business customers have a complete overview of incoming payments and the opportunity to offer their customers discounts in return for early payments. This allows business owners to gain a better control of their cash flows and increase their growth potential.

Digital pocket money

Pocket Money from Danske Bank is a digital solution to help both parents and children aged 8-14 keep track of the money. Pocket Money consists of an app and a pocket money card for children as well as a feature in Danske Bank’s new Mobile Banking app for parents. In the pocket money app, children can see when their pocket money is paid into their account and how their savings develop. Parents can use Mobile Banking to transfer money and keep an eye on their children’s pocket money. Children can then use the pocket money card for spending.

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