Danske Bank's response to coronavirus

The spread of coronavirus (Covid-19) and its impact on society is a concern for Danske Bank as well as for our customers. We are applying appropriate measures to respond to any new developments.

On this site, you can find information and links to the most recent updates on how we respond to the situation to safeguard the health and safety of employees, customers and external partners.

Selected efforts

Support during the corona pandemic 

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Danske Bank has been in contact with hundreds of thousands of customers through online meetings, by phone and other digital communications.

Across our markets, we have offered extended help and flexibility to customers, and in general, we have been more accommodating than usual towards giving credit. 

At the same time, we have also taken other initiatives. Examples include faster payments to suppliers,pay compensation to employees with a health care or military background who want to volunteer to support authorities' fight against the coronavirus, andhelp to issue bonds that support the European economies during the crisis.


We have offered help to 9 out of 10 customers affected by corona, who have asked for it, and we have e.g. helped with

  • overdrafts facilities
  • deferred payments
  • payments instalments
  • increases of facilities
  • extension of due dates
  • interest-only periods 

To minimise health risks, we are encouraging customers to do their daily banking via our online solutions and have online or phone meetings with us rather than meetings in the branches or offices. 

Support for customers

Personal customers
Business customers
Corporate and Institutions
Personal customers
Across our markets, our employees have been available to advice personal customers both in relation to their everyday banking needs and related to questions and requests for support, if a customer has become unemployed or has seen a fall in income due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

For customers with investments, initiatives include proactively contacting several hundred thousand customers through e-banking and the mobile banking app to inform them of the developments in the financial markets and give them our assessment of the situation and general recommendations. In Denmark, Danica Pension has furthermore opened a hotline for all customers with health insurance coverage, which give them the possibility to talk to a psychologist, if they feel that the coronavirus pandemic affects their mental wellbeing. 
Business customers
We have been in dialogue with tens of thousands of business customers and are continuing to provide advice on how to best manage the situation, how to apply for loans, make use of the public support schemes etc. Many seek advice related to making a plan for the business, looking at costs, and ensuring the right decisions are made early rather than late. The dialogues have also led us to provide substantial liquidity reserves to these customers.

We have also taken specific initiatives, for example in Denmark, where up to 90,000 of our smallest business customers with deposits of up to 500.000 DKK are exempted from negative interest rates on deposits the rest of 2020.
Corporate and Institutions
Our large Nordic and international business customers are often complex corporations, meaning advice and support consist of a range of services. Making sure they have the proper liquidity should they be challenged six or 12 or 18 months from now, has been key, and that means a substantial double digit billion amount of Danish kroner has been made available in liquidity to this segment.

However, advice and demand for support also entails other services, such as currency or interest rate hedging to customers with e.g. market shares in Norway or Sweden, where the currencies have depreciated. Or facilitating the issuance of bonds to raise liquidity – e.g. aimed at securing resources for alleviating the negative consequences from the coronavirus pandemic in the Nordics.

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We have taken a number of preventive actions to protect our employees. These - among other initiatives - include

  • having more than 19.000 employees working from home 
  • restricting business travel as well as movements between our different locations
  • cutting down face-to-face internal and external meetings to a minimum and replacing with online/Skype/phone meetings
  • cancelling events (including Christmas parties and report presentations) to avoid the spread of coronavirus
  • increased hygienic measures across all of our locations. 

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