Danske Bank's response to coronavirus (Covid-19)

The spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19) and its impact on society is a concern for Danske Bank as well as for our customers. We are applying appropriate measures to respond to any new developments - we support initiatives to mitigate the financial consequences and have expanded our support and advisory services  to private individuals and businesses who suffer financial consequences. 

On this site, you can find information and links to the most recent updates on how we respond to the situation to safeguard the health and safety of employees, customers and external partners and contribute to minimising the spread of the coronavirus while making sure that the bank is still functioning to the benefit of both customers and society. 

We are in an extraordinary situation that has major financial implications for society, businesses and families alike. As the country's largest bank, we have a significant responsibility for helping to minimise the damage caused by COVID-19, and we will go a long way to help our customers through this challenging situation.

Chris Vogelzang

CEO, Danske Bank

We are in a strong position to cope with potential adverse conditions

We have concrete plans for how the business should be run with a larger number of employees working from home due to precautionary measures or as a result of potential infection. The plans contain different strategies depending on how the situation develops. As a large organisation, we are able to draw on our capabilities in the other countries and different locations if needed, just as we have the necessary IT setup in place to allow people to work from home or other alternative locations.

Danske Bank as a Group has been taking a cautious approach in the market for some time, and we thus generally assess our customers and hence the bank to be in a strong position to cope with potential adverse conditions. 


We are monitoring the potential impact of the current situation for our customers to ensure we can assist and support any affected customers appropriately.

To minimise health risks, we are encouraging customers to do their daily banking via our online solutions and have online or phone meetings with us rather than meetings in the branches or offices. 

Concrete examples of Danske Bank’s options for normally creditworthy Danish customers affected by COVID-19:

  • Customers with consumer loans will be able to obtain overdrafts, payment in instalments, increases of facilities and extension of the term
  • Mortgage finance customers will be able to get overdrafts, payment in instalments and the possibility of interest-only periods
  • Businesses will be able to defer payments and obtain increases in overdraft facilities and facility limits
  • The charging of negative interest will be suspended for the rest of the year for up to 90,000 small businesses with deposits of less than DKK 500,000. The same businesses will receive an offer for credit card payments to be charged only after three months
  • Large businesses will be kept up-to-date about developments in the financial markets, and we will offer participation in webinars on specific issues as well as sparring and advice from Danske Bank's experts in the areas where this is most needed
  • Customers with purchase contracts and private leasing agreements with Danske Bank's leasing company Nordania may be granted arranged overdraft facilities to make payments as they fall due. Businesses with lease agreements will be able to defer payments and obtain increases in overdraft facilities and facility limits

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We have also taken appropriate measures in the other Nordic markets depending on the local situation.

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Danske Bank monitors the situation closely and follows the recommendations of the authorities of the countries in which we operate as well as international health authorities. We have taken a number of preventive actions to protect our employees. These - among other initiatives - include

  • having a large number of employees working from home
  • restricting business travel as well as movements between our different locations
  • cutting down face-to-face internal and external meetings to a minimum and replacing with online/Skype/phone meetings
  • increased hygienic measures across all of our locations. 

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