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Danske UNI

Welcome to Danske UNI – a series of video lectures by our employees. Join and learn about our culture, careers, and grow your competences by exploring technology, banking, and personal development topics.

Five Stages of Inclusion


Meet Michael Emil Olinger  - Operational Excellence Department Manager and an active member of Danske Bank Rainbow Network initiative group on LGBT+ issues.

In his talk, Michael will take you on a journey through the stages of inclusion. You will also find out how we can all improve and contribute to the advancement of diversity and inclusion in our daily lives.

Can Technology Make Us Less Productive? 


Are technologies always the right solution to our everyday challenges?

In this Danske UNI talk, Gyte Gedvilaite – Hansen, a NewTech, Standards and Infrastructure Lead at Danske Bank, will invite you to think about the link between technology and productivity, as well as share some advice on how to ensure that innovations are actually creating value.  

Myths Surrounding Service Mindset


Is it true that the customer is always right?

Join Network Manager Julija Bogomolnikova's Danske UNI talk and bust some myths surrounding service delivery. Overcome your fears of working in customer service and learn how to improve communication with colleagues and customers. 

Why our New Year's resolutions fail and what to do about it


This year I promise to eat healthier… This year I will start exercising... This year I will read more books... Sounds familiar? Every year we set many goals but sometimes only a few of them are achieved.

In this virtual lecture Operational Excellence Department Manager Michael Emil Olinger will answer the question - why don't we keep our New Year's resolutions and what should we do about it.

Banking in a nutshell


How do banks operate? What is the role of banks in the financial system? What was the past of the banks, what is the present and what awaits in the future?

Find this out in the lecture by Giedre Geciauskiene, Head of LC&I Lithuania hub.

Life at Danske Bank

Meet some of our cool colleagues from different countries sharing more about life, work and culture in Danske Bank. 

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We offer opportunities for a diversity of experienced professionals. From private bankers to software engineers. From investment bankers to process consultants. 

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Preparing to graduate? Or still a student? We offer student positions, internships and other first-year opportunities for students from multiple areas of study.

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