Meet Suryadeep

Suryadeep started as a Graduate trainee at Danske Bank five years ago and is now heading a team that focuses on the overall strategy and risk for our digital channels for retail customers.

"I work with talented and skilled colleagues, both in my team and in our area”, Suryadeep says. “Our team is very diverse, with different nationalities, levels of expertise and educational backgrounds. I believe this diversity in perspectives helps us to see things differently and have great ideas to work with”, Suryadeep continues.

As a manager, Suryadeep enjoys seeing his team succeed, and he has learned a lot about leadership from his own managers in the bank: “Leaders at Danske Bank are terrific and from I started in the bank, I have always been inspired by how our values are a way of life for them”. Suryadeep also appreciates the strong focus on collaboration, which goes beyond being a core value to something his colleagues and leaders very much live up to. "I have learnt that we succeed if everyone succeeds", Suryadeep continues. "I like the idea of a community coming together to solve a problem". 

Suryadeep points out that he appreciates how people and teams at Danske Bank work together. He believes that it is important to be open and share feedback, but also to not be afraid of learning from mistakes. “We need to be transparent and work together. This is what I believe is the best way to succeed”.


Suryadeep Seal studied in Norway and Canada. He started working at Danske Bank as a Graduate trainee and continued after the program as a full-time employee. He is now heading a team of five supporting digital development for our retail customers.