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Join Danske Bank on our journey to push the boundaries of banking and make continuous improvements in how we serve our customers. Danske Graduate is an 18-month programme that consists of three rotations, including one international rotation. You will take your first steps towards a challenging and international career as part of a culture that shares your ambition to succeed. Now and beyond your graduate programme. 

When to apply

We are no longer accepting applications for Danske Graduate in the Nordic countries. Check out the link below for other entry level opportunities:
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Need some advice before you apply?

We asked four of our current Danske Graduates to share their best advice to potential applicants!
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Three graduate tracks

Finance & Economics
Business Innovation
Finance & Economics

As a Finance & Economics Graduate you will contribute to Danske Bank's ambition to become the most trusted financial partner. You will work and collaborate with senior experts within your area. 

Business Innovation

As a Business Innovation Graduate you will join our journey to push the boundaries of banking and make improvements in how we serve our customers. Your focus will be process, operations or business development.


As an Advisory Graduate you will interact with our customers as you help them to be financially confident and achieve their ambitions. You contribute to our aspiration to be number 1 on customer experience. 

“A fresh pair of eyes”

“I did my master’s in Norway but I’m originally from Shanghai in China. I moved to Denmark this September. When it comes to work culture I haven’t been that surprised actually, except perhaps for the Danish cake culture. I remember being in my apartment in Oslo when I got the call with the job offer. I think my boss was trying to scare me a little, as he spoke with a very neutral tone, but eventually he gave me the good news and I was surprised and very happy. My best advice is to never be afraid to challenge the status quo. As Danske Graduate we are hired for a reason and part of that is to be a fresh pair of eyes and challenge the way the bank works. If you see something that you feel like you can improve or spot a project that you are passionate about, go for it!”

Juliet Jie Zhang, Business Innovation Graduate

Master’s degree from the Norwegian School of Economics. International rotation: Oslo, Norway

“I knew I would regret it if I didn’t apply” 

My big passion in life is travelling, preferably to as far away and unlikely destinations as possible. So when I started researching graduate programmes during my Master’s studies the international aspect was a huge factor for me. The combination of a track dedicated to business innovation and the opportunity to go abroad for six months was what attracted me even though I didn’t see myself working in a bank. In the end I just said to myself: will I regret it if I don’t apply? The answer was yes. It’s been such a big privilege to be part of Danske Graduate, we have a unique bond and I have been able to build a strong network across borders and business units.

Anette Kaae Eriksen, 2016 Business Innovation graduate

Master’s degree from ITU. International rotation: Vilnius, Lithuania

”Perhaps someday we will lead the bank together”

“I was not looking for the typical graduate programme, as I had a bit of leadership experience and came from the start up world. I thought the programme looked good and quite flexible, but still I was a little hesitant, as I had a few stereotypes about life at a bank in the back of my head. But as I went from one step to the next in the recruitment process all that faded away, and after the assessment centre I remember thinking “I will be SO disappointed if I don’t get it”. I was so excited to meet my new fellow graduates that I organised a get-together even before our first official day. It has been amazing to work together with such a diverse group. Perhaps someday we will lead the bank together.”

Constantin Marinescu, 2016 Finance & Economics graduate

Master’s degree from Aalborg University. International rotation: Luxembourg

“My art history background is one of my biggest strengths”

“With a BA degree in Art History I never considered working in finance but after a work shop with Danske Bank during my master’s studies I realised that Danske Graduate wasn’t just for people with a background in finance and economics. I could get to dive into agile methodologies and business innovation. Being a non-Danish speaker, it also appealed to me with an English-speaking organisation and the international rotation. I went to Vilnius in Lithuania for half a year with four other graduates and it was an absolute blast! I got to test my talent for leadership as a team lead for 12 people and explore a country that I knew very little about. You probably have an impression of what Danske Bank wants but any background and profile goes. I used to think I needed to play down my art history background but found out that it makes me stand out.”

Niamh Cery Hesketh, 2016 Business Innovation graduate

Master’s degree from ITU. International rotation: Vilnius, Lithuanian

A day in the life of a Danske Graduate


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  • Who can apply for Danske Graduate?
    We are looking for candidates who are about to finish their master's studies. You need to have a strong academic track record combined with an international outlook, an innovative mindset and the ambition to help us push the boundaries of banking and make continuous improvements in how we serve our customers. Great social skills are an important factor as well. You need to complete your master's degree prior to September 2019.  
  • Can I apply for more than one position?
    You are welcome to apply for more than one position if more than one matches your dreams for the future. If you apply for more than one position, please submit an application for each position and remember to target your application to the specific position. Please state in your cover letter which other positions you have applied for.
  • What should I include in my application?
    Please include a 1-2 page CV, your grade transcripts and a cover letter where you introduce yourself and tell us about your ambition to join Danske Graduate.
  • What happens after I send my application?
    We screen your application and invite selected candidates for a face-to-face interview with the hiring manager and HR. If you advance beyond this stage in the recruitment process, you will be invited to an assessment centre, which will include teamwork with other selected candidates for Danske Graduate. After that we present candidates with a job offer.
  • What are the key elements in the programme?
    Danske Graduate is an 18-month programme consisting of three rotations. During each of the rotations, you will join a team where you will work with and learn from more senior colleagues within your field. Each rotation also includes a training module where you meet with other graduates from across Danske Bank for a mixture of networking, learning and developing a stronger strategic understanding of Danske Bank and our markets.
  • Where can I go on my international rotation?
    You will have three six-month rotations including one international rotation with a six-month expatriation from March to August 2020. Your destination will not be determined until after entering the graduate programme, based on a dialogue between you, your manager and HR. Most graduates go to Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland or Lithuania.

First Year Analyst

Danske Graduate is not the only way to start your career with Danske Bank. Our business unit, Corporates & Institutions, offer First Year Analyst positions. 
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