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Women's Academy

Women's Academy is a 7-week programme during spring of 2023 in Copenhagen. The programme is relevant for female students from the second year of their Bachelor until the last year of their Masters. You will gain specific insights into the Danske Bank's Large Corporates & Institutions (LC&I) area with the possibility to build a good network within the financial sector.

We  aim to engage motivated women to join the fantastic world of finance. 

What we offer you

Participate in a 7-week programme  in Copenhagen with other motivated  women, lead by female role models from Danske Bank. 

  • Network: Expand your network in the financial sector
  • Knowledge: You get to deep dive into different areas of the bank such as Derivatives sales, Corporate Finance and Debt Capital Market to name a few
  • Exposure:  Experience what Danske Bank is like from the inside and what we have to offer

The founders of Women's Academy

Reflecting on my own journey, I have not always known what I wanted to do and have felt a lack of role models to reach out to for guidance. Therefore, I am really enthusiastic about creating a forum that would give female students, that are interested, more confidence in the workplace and equip them with knowledge to get a successful start in banking.” ​

Mona Kamrani,  Senior relationship manager LC&I

For me Women's Academy is an important next step for Danske Bank to encourage women to partake in the financial sector, but most importantly it is an important step to enable a stronger network and empower young women. Personally, I believe we lack female role models in some areas of the Bank, but I acknowledge that these role models don't just appear out of nowhere - they first need to be developed and sustained. Women's Academy seeks to be that first step.

Karoline Trier Findstrup, Regulatory Risk Manager LC&I

I'm truly excited about this programme founded by two young women in LC&I, in fact, I wish it had been available when I first started my career in banking.

We have a challenge with gender diversity in the financial sector, especially in certain areas, and I believe that the way to change this is through information. If we can make these areas and what we do more transparent, and share knowledge on what we work with, I believe that this will naturally engage and interest more women as this is an exciting business to work in.

As a bank we have a responsibility to play our role in furthering sustainable progress in business and people while doing our best to release their potential.  This programme is a step in the right direction for where we as a bank want to be. I'm proud to sponsor Women's Academy and look forward to meeting all the bright women joining us on this adventure.

Berit Behring, Head of Large Corporations & Institutions 

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