Documentary creditsDocumentary credits

    The documentary credit is one of the most secure payment methods in international trade, offering the exporter a conditional payment guarantee from the importer’s bank.

    Documentary credits usually require the presentation of certain documents, which must be complied with before payment can take place. You must be aware that banks examine the documents only with respect to the documentary credit and do not look at contracts, agreements or the condition of the goods.

    We have compiled a set of checklists to help you make sure that every document is filled in correctly.

    What to look out for in every document involved in the documentary credit process:

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    Overview of documentary creditsOverview of documentary credits

    Documentary credits for exporters
    For an exporter, a documentary credit from the importer's bank removes the risk that the buyer will not pay.

    D/C for exporters
    Documentary credits for importers
    For an importer, a documentary credit requires the exporter to comply with the agreed conditions before payment is made.

    D/C for importers
    Standby documentary credits
    Unlike a standard documentary credit, a standby D/C is activated only if the expected payment does not take place.

    Standby D/C
    The Documentary credit process
    We have outlined the steps in the documentary credit process and presented them graphically.

    See the documentary credit process
    International rules
    Documentary credits are subject to various international rules and regulations. Here you have an outline of these.

    International rules
    We have compiled a glossary of terms often used in transactions involving documentary credits. 

    See a glossary of D/C terms
    We have compiled a set of frequently asked questions in relation to handling documentary credits.

    FAQ about documentary credit
    Incoterms 2000
    Companies use ICC's standard trade definitions to describe risks, responsibilities and obligations.

    Incoterms 2000

    Want to know more?Want to know more?

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