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Pursuant to the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), including intergovernmental agreements, rules and regulations adopted pursuant thereto, Danske Bank A/S including relevant branches, entities and funds of the Danske Bank Group have registered with the IRS to receive Global Intermediary Identification Numbers (GIIN).

Please be advised that Danske Bank A/S, Copenhagen is registered with the IRS in the following category: Registered Deemed-Compliant Financial Institution (including a Reporting Financial Institution under a Model 1 IGA).

For any FATCA and/or CRS related enquiries, please contact our designated department via email at FATCA_CRS@danskebank.dk

GIIN is MQ79H2.00000.LE.208

For your convenience, and in order to facilitate your FATCA due diligence procedures, we have provided a list of Registered Entities of Danske Bank Group with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) containing the legal name of the financial institutions, countries of registration, FATCA classification, GIINs and the corresponding name of the financial institution in the IRS GIIN search tool as well as SWIFT number where applicable.

The list can be found here:


Please also find our completed and signed W-8BEN-E. This version is valid as an original until the end of 2018.

Danske Bank W-8BEN-E

For other Danske Bank entities, please find W-8BEN-E forms below

Danske Bank London Branch W-8BEN-E Danske Bank Hamburg Branch W-8BEN-E Danske Bank Norwegian Branch W-8BEN-EDanske Bank Swedish Branch W-8BEN-E Danske Bank Finland Branch W-8BEN-E Danske Bank Irish Branch W-8BEN-E Danske Bank Estonian Branch W-8BEN-E Danske Bank Lettish Branch W-8BEN-E Danske Bank Lithuanian Branch W-8BEN-E Danske Bank Polish Branch W-8BEN-EDanske Bank International S.A. W-8BEN-EAO Danske Bank W-8BEN-ENorthern Bank Limited W-8BEN-E​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


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