- early payment against a dynamic discount

Are you a large corporate doing business with a substantial number of suppliers? Do you want to reduce day-to-day supplier administration on invoice related issues and offer uniform payment terms, whilst supporting your suppliers to stay in business? Then DynamicPay is just the right solution for you.

DynamicPay is a transparent, low-risk electronic platform that aggregates your approved invoices and offers suppliers early payment against a dynamic discount. The solution automates the entire payment workflow, calculates the discount, displays the payment and lets your suppliers decide when to receive their money.

It is easy to get started. Please contact Danske Bank and we will answer your questions and help you to on board. DynamicPay is system independent and is simple to use independently of your or your suppliers’ IT platforms.

Want to learn more?
For more information, contact Ole Wulff, Head of Cash Management
Call: +45 2155 1195/ olwu@danskebank.com

Are you a supplier?
If you are a supplier, learn more about how DynamicPay could help you get easy access to early payment. Visit DynamicPay.com


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