ISO 20022

What is ISO 20022? 
ISO 20022 is a set of standards defined and maintained by the International Organization for Standardization that define the ‘language’ for information exchange between entities in various business areas. ISO 20022 is a global de-facto standard within payment initiation, direct debit and cash management reporting. 

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What is the benefit for your company?
The following benefits can be achieved by using ISO 20022 XML messages in your integrated setup towards Danske Bank:
  • SEPA Compliance
  • Use of uniform global messages as Danske Bank's implementation is built upon recommendations from Common Global Implementation (CGI)
  • Simplified processes and setup even in a multi-country setup due to our single platform
  • One message structure in payment initiation and account reporting
  • One payment message enabling you to initiate domestic and cross border payments in multiple countries
  • Multiple options available in the payment status message enabling you to follow the whole payment lifecycle within your own system
  • One format for account reporting as ISO 20022 XML Cash Management messages can be delivered on all Danske Bank Group accounts

About CGI
The Common Global Implementation initiative provides a forum for financial institutions, corporates, software providers and market infrastructures to define and promote common implementation guidelines on the use of ISO 20022 messages. This in order to avoid widely different implementations of the standard in the banks across the globe.
CGI defines guidelines for implementation related to 20022 XML messages for payment initiation and cash management reporting.
Danske Bank is part of the Common Global Implementation initiative in order to ensure that the standard is used in a common way throughout the financial industry.  

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 Flow of messages in ISO20022


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