22 percent female senior managers in 2015

May 30, 2013

Having a diversified workforce is part of setting new standards in Danske Bank. Specific targets for the share of women in senior management positions have now been defined.

Danske Bank generally sees diversity as a strength that helps secure access to the best talents, while at the same time contributing to developing the business positively. In particular, the share of female managers in the Group is an important element of our Diversity & Inclusion Policy. 

Due to new legislation on gender equality that became effective on 1 April 2013, specific targets for the share of women in top management positions have been defined. By end-2015, 22 % of senior managers in the Group must be women.

“We have already achieved a lot in building a diversified and inclusive workforce, but we recognise that we still have some work ahead of us. That is why we have now set concrete targets so we will not miss out on female talent”, says Head of Group HR Helle Havgaard.

Continue to recruit the best candidate for the job
A number of initiatives will support the achievement of the targets. A minimum of one woman among applicants will be required when using headhunters. Moreover, diversity and thus gender will be emphasised as an important selection criteria in the recruitment process, both internally and externally.

“Recruiting the best candidate for the job is still the decisive factor. Therefore, we continue to search for both men and women for vacant management positions. At the same time, we want  to become better at spotting the talented women and removing the barriers making it difficult for women to take on management positions”, Helle Havgaard says.
One female member of the Executive Board
Besides encouraging a higher number of female senior managers across the Group, the goal is to welcome a female member to the Executive Board.
“Several studies show that there is a correlation between female senior managers and the company’s financial performance. In that perspective recruiting a woman to the Executive Board in Danske Bank can help us execute the New Standards strategy”, Helle Havgaard ends.
The new goal of having women in the Executive Board implies that all internal Boards of Directors, that currently have no female members, must strive to recruit at least one woman in 2013. 
Diversity and inclusion  
We believe that diversity is a strength that helps give the Group access to the most talented employees.

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