Three million people in Denmark are now using MobilePay

May 19, 2016
MobilePay reached a milestone this week. In three years, the solution has been downloaded to three million phones in Denmark. It is now found on nine out of ten smartphones.
Thirty-six months after the launch of MobilePay, Danes have adopted the payment app so widely that it has become a common standard for almost all mobile phones. This week, the number of registered users exceeded three million. On average, there are 1,500 new users per day, and week after week, the app ranks in top three in the App Store.
MobilePay continues to break its own records. On 30 April, there were 738,000 transactions on a single day, and the highest turnover on a single day is now DKK 257 million. The number of transfers in April also set a new record at 13.6 million, while the turnover reached DKK 3.5 billion. On average, some DKK 73,000 is transferred per minute around the clock.
New features in the pipeline
“MobilePay continues to exceed our wildest expectations,” says Mark Wraa-Hansen, head of the MobilePay division at Danske Bank. “We can see that the solution is undergoing rapid growth in physical shops and webshops, while ground-breaking features such as bonuses and green receipts are also showing fine progress. We will continue our strong innovation, and in the coming weeks, we will announce new launches that will make life easier for both businesses and consumers.”

Mobile business payments gathering speed

For a long time, the strongest trend has been growth in mobile business payments. More than 25,000 businesses now use MobilePay solutions. In April, Danes made more than 2.6 million payments with MobilePay for business. More than 3,700 webshops now offer payments with MobilePay. At the large chain shops, there are now more than 20,000 contactless MobilePay boxes at the cashiers.

“Our business solutions are seeing double-digit growth per month,” continues Wraa-Hansen. “And there are still many opportunities in mobile payments that we will explore in our usual dialogue with customers. We expect that MobilePay’s strong growth will continue during the rest of the year. And we are also planning to strengthen our Nordic activities and expand our distribution.”

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