Banknotes with the Danske Bank logo

June 25, 2013

Beginning this week, £10 and £20 banknotes in Northern Ireland will have the Danske Bank logo on both sides. 


Image of Gerry Mallon and the new banknotesSince 1929, Danske Bank (previously Northern Bank), Bank of Ireland, First Trust Bank and Ulster Bank have been authorised to issue their own banknotes. That is the normal practice in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The banknotes are legal currency and are accepted throughout the United Kingdom, no matter which bank has issued them.

Until now, Danske Bank’s banknotes in Northern Ireland have carried the Northern Bank name and logo. But with the new issue, they got a new logo, so they now have Danske Bank’s logo.

The new banknotes are being issued from Danske Bank cash machines and branches, and they will gradually replace the existing Northern Bank banknotes. The designs of the notes are the same except that the Danske Bank logo will replace the Northern Bank logo. 

“The launch of our new banknotes marks the final stage of Northern Bank’s rebranding as Danske Bank and the introduction of a new consumer brand in the local market,” says Gerry Mallon, Head of Danske Bank UK and Ireland. “It’s been seven months since we changed the signs above our doors, and I have been very encouraged by how well the new name has been received by customers and by the wider community.  We have been working hard to raise awareness of our new name over the past year, and our surveys show that this work is paying off and awareness levels of the Danske Bank brand are high.” 

Danske Bank's banknotes in Northern Ireland
The four authorised banks in Northern Ireland can print their own £5, £10, £20, £50 and £100 notes. Danske Bank does not print £5 notes, however, and on 24 June, the Bank will stop printing £50 and £100 notes. Bank of England notes will be issued instead. Further information about images of the notes can be found at

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