Master's thesis with the Group

If you are a graduate student from a Danish university or business school and will be writing your master's thesis during the spring of 2011, we invite you to write it with us. Your thesis can give us new input and ideas for the bank of the future, and you get valuable knowledge about the corporate sector which you can use in your future career. The deadline for applications is 21 November 2010.                 

What is in it for you?
If we select you, you get first-hand knowledge about Denmark’s largest financial institution, access to relevant data and insight into strategic challenges. On top of this, you get the chance to win the prize for the best thesis — DKK 25,000. You also get

  • a structured programme where you discuss professional issues with a permanent contact person
  • an opportunity to network with other students
  • an opportunity to combine theory and practice

Why do we offer thesis programmes?
At the Danske Bank Group, we are always interested in benefitting from new perspectives and alternative solutions to current challenges. At the same time, we see this as an opportunity to show potential employees the diversity of exciting graduate positions offered in a knowledge-intensive company such as the Danske Bank group.

Winner of Danske Thesis 2010
This is the sixth consecutive year that the Group offers the popular thesis programme. This year’s winners, CBS graduates Christine Clausen and Aaron Angert, have just been presented with the Danske Thesis award by Helle Havgaard, Head of HR. Their thesis, Photo of Aaron Angert, Christine Clausen and Helle Havgaard  which was picked among 18 others, focuses on how the Danske Bank Group could have strengthened its communication during the financial crisis. 

"We really appreciate all the resources the Danske Bank Group has invested in our thesis – both in terms of time for interviews and access to data. Because everyone involved has taken our work so seriously, the result is much more well-founded and useful. We are pleased to have been able to bring forward perspectives which can be used by the Group in the future," says Christine Clausen, Msc in Marketing Communications Management.

Second and third place
Second place was awarded to a thesis on Basel III, and the third place to a study on customer satisfaction in the Danish banking units.

Published on November 8, 2010

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Watch a video, ask a former participant questions, see suggested thesis topics, read about our requirements for your thesis and send us your application. 
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