Dream On

Danske Bank Group is launching its Dream On finance game for young people between 15 and 17. The game is part of the Group’s Financial Literacy Programme that aims at enhancing young people’s knowledge of money and personal finance.

A recent survey made for the Danske Bank Group by YouGov, a market research institute, shows that 56% of young people between 15 and 17 would like to know more about money and personal finance, and only 33% feel they are prepared to manage their personal finances.

Foto af Mads Helleberg Dorff Christiansen“In line with our other financial literacy initiatives, Dream On is designed to strengthen the insight and interest of young people in money and personal finance,” says Mads Helleberg Dorff Christiansen, project manager of the Group’s Financial Literacy Programme. “Young people at the age of 15-17 are on the threshold to adulthood, and we share with them an interest in preparing them well for managing their personal finances in adult life.”

Not the easiest age group to target
Even though the survey shows that this age group takes an interest in personal finance, Mads Helleberg Dorff Christiansen and the rest of the team behind Dream On knew that 15-17 year-olds could be difficult to reach and kept that in mind when designing the game.

“This age group generally focuses on the entertainment factor,” Mads explains. “They are very familiar with online media, but most of them do not associate these media with learning about personal finance.”

To ensure that the game’s quality and entertainment factor meet expectations, the Dream On team worked closely with a number of external experts on youth culture and games. The team also used interviews and quantitative questionnaires to help design a game that would appeal to 15-17 year-olds.

Dreams as drivers
It has been a key point for the work on Dream On that young people should find the game relevant and engaging. As the name says, the game builds on dreams that young people can realise if they enhance their level of Financial Literacy.

Dream On is launched in Denmark but will be rolled out in the other countries where Danske Bank Group operates during 2011 and 2012.

Published on 9 November 2011

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About 'Dream On'
The game takes off from the dreams of 15-17 year-olds and challenges the players to answer questions about personal finance and respond to dilemmas that will help them clarify whether their dreams are realistic. Going through four rounds, the players earn credits and karma that they can use towards fulfilling their dreams. Young people can play the game with their friends on Facebook, and the choices they make will designate them a devil or an angel. Players can let friends view their credit status and their dreams on Facebook.

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The experts behind the game

To design the game, the Danske Bank Group has drawn on the experience of a number of game experts and experts in the media and consumer habits of young people.

  • Mette Reissmann, Partner at Spiir, and consumer spokesperson in the Danish Parliament 
  • Birgitte Tufte, professor, head of children research and marketing at the Copenhagen Business School
  • Johannes Andersen, associate professor, researcher of youth culture at Aalborg University
  • Simon Egenfeldt, CEO of Serious Games Interactive, a games development company
  • Jesper Bülow, developer of the successful Bezzerwizzer game.

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