Faster service for CIB customers

CIB customers in Norway, Sweden and Finland can now look forward to the same service as Danish and Irish CIB customers have had since April 2009. "All our largest corporate and institutional customers can now get wider and more accessible support," says Pernille Mølgaard, head of CIB Front Office Support at the Danske Bank Group.

Wider support
The new service gives customers faster and wider support, which is provided through a relatively newly-established support function – CIB Front Office Support. This is a great supplement to the support customers already get from the back office function. Customers are no longer dependent on having to get hold of his or her usual adviser (relationship manager), but can instead get quick answers to queries about, for example, their companies’ banking set-up.

"The goal is to serve our customers as quickly and efficiently as possible. One way we’re doing this is by moving the administrative work to CIB Front Office Support. This frees up time for the relationship manager to focus solely on developing the business relationship together with the customer," explains Pernille Mølgaard.

Administrative help and coordination
Customers can get help with many different things and general inquiries. The advisers working in the support function are experienced and have all the information about customers’ facilities. The team takes care of as many administrative tasks as possible, such as

  • the coordination of companies’ set-ups, mergers and closing transactions
  • questions about liquidity products and cash management
  • helping customers use Business Online
  • holding meetings with customers and coordinating follow-ups.

Increased focus on business matters
CIB Front Office Support works very closely with the customer’s relationship manager and others in the Danske Bank Group, such as the customer’s cash manager and colleagues at the back office. As all the necessary skills are embedded in one team, the customer can now get a direct answer to his or her question and help with administrative processes.

"Each customer gets faster access to support and will have a dedicated relationship manager who spends more time on proactively contacting the customer about strategic business matters," concludes Pernille Mølgaard.

Published on 18 December 2009.

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