New channel for suppliers

The Danske Bank Group has launched, which makes it simpler and easier to be a supplier to be Group and to become one. The requirements are the same as before, but we have now made them more accessible.

From a long dialogue to flexible online registration
At, you can read all the standard requirements and conditions, and if you want to submit a tender, you can register your information online.

Previously, suppliers needed to go through a long dialogue with us to determine whether the business could meet the Group’s requirements," says Ege Malling, head of Group Procurement.

"With this new initiative, there is now a single location where suppliers can see – around the clock – what product groups we are purchasing, how they should invoice us, and what conditions they must meet. It makes the process more efficient for both parties."

In the next step, the Group will expand the channel so that suppliers can view and update their information.

Also a matter of responsibility
The new online channel also offers more transparency in the Group’s collaboration with suppliers. According to Anne Melchiorsen, head of Corporate Affairs, this is an important aspect of the Group’s work on social responsibility:

"Today, more and more businesses are beginning to focus on responsibility in their collaboration with suppliers. And for the Danske Bank Group, responsibility includes setting forth a number of requirements for suppliers’ treatment of their employees and the environment."

Published on March 22, 2011

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