Switch off the lights for
climate change awareness

On Saturday, 26 March 2011, at 8.30pm, the Danske Bank Group will turn off its lights for one hour to support the annual, worldwide Earth Hour campaign.

Participating in the event for the fourth time
“This is the fourth time the Danske Bank Group is supporting the Earth Hour campaign,” says Corporate Responsibility Manager Tina Obel Lope. “This year we are switching off the lights not only at our Danish head office, but also at the head offices in Norway, Sweden, Ireland and Lithuania. We also have several other initiatives.”

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Earth Hour initiatives at the Danske Bank Group

In 2011, the Group will
  • switch off the lights at the head offices in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Ireland and Lithuania
  • suggest that all our employees also switch off their lights at home on 26 March from 8.30 to 9.30
  • hold an event on its Facebook page.

Target for reducing electricity consumption
The message of this year’s Earth Hour campaign is to do more than simply switch off the lights for one hour of the year.

“At the Danske Bank Group, we have responded to this challenge by setting an additional objective,” continues Tina Obel Lope. “We want to reduce the Group’s electricity consumption from the level in 2009 by a full 20% by 2014. This is an ambitious goal, but we think it is a realistic one.”

Energy-saving measures
This target is based on thorough investigations and calculations of electricity consumption at the individual business units. The Group intends to reach the goal by energy-savings measures such as automatic control of electricity consumption at the branch offices and remote cooling at the head office in Copenhagen.

Published 21 March 2011

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A global event

For one hour every year, millions of people and thousands of businesses and cities around the world switch off their lights to send a signal about doing something about climate change before it’s too late.

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