Two birds with one stone

The printers in the Danske Bank Group are red hot. In Denmark alone, the employees print more than half a million pages every day. A new internal campaign focuses on how to benefit both the bottom line and the environment by reducing paper consumption.

Internal campaign focus on paper consumption
In Danske Bank Denmark alone, we spurt out more than 500,000 pages every day. It is a staggering number – even considering the size of the Group – and it has a negative impact on both the environment and the bottom line. Now we will kill two birds with one stone through an internal campaign to have the employees focus on their paper consumption.

Foto af Georg Schubiger “It makes good sense to work with our environmental responsibility in this way because we know that it does not take much to improve the environment and save money at the same time,” says Georg Schubiger, Chief Operating Officer.  

Minor effort – major effect
Schubiger emphasises that the prints made for customers are not the main focus of this campaign, but, obviously, the Group also tries to reduce its paper consumption by giving customers the opportunity to receive documents and statements electronically through e-Boks, Danske eBanking and Danske Netpost. The main focus of the campaign is to make employees pay attention to and change their daily printing habits and waste of paper internally in the Group.

Published on October 27, 2010

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