First Danish mobile payment solution for businesses

February 11, 2014

Danske Bank is launching MobilePay Business, Denmark’s first mobile payment solution for businesses. The solution will enable Danes to buy and pay for goods without getting their wallets or purses out. The solution is free of charge for shops until 1 October.

After four months of testing in a limited number of shops, Danske Bank is now ready to roll out its first mobile payment solution for Danish businesses – MobilePay Business. The new app is similar to the well-known MobilePay solution for personal customers, which in the space of only nine months has been downloaded by more than one million users and used for transactions totalling more than DKK 1 billion.
“The test run has provided us with valuable knowledge and enabled us to create a very user-friendly solution designed specifically for meeting the needs of small businesses. At the same time, the solution offers new and attractive features for personal customers,” says Klavs Hjort, SVP, Business Innovation at Danske Bank:
“For our business customers, MobilePay Business is an attractive supplement to payment cards. At the same time, it is a shortcut to easier payments and less work with cash handling.”
Win-win solution for businesses and customers
The business solution is initially targeted at physical shops, while remote payment and e-commerce will be covered by subsequent development plans. It resembles the app for personal customers, but includes new functionality requested by businesses:
  • Simple overview of received MobilePay payments as well as an autosum of revenue for the day
  • The possibility of exporting payment data for accounting purposes
  • A setup which can only be changed by the owner of the business
  • The possibility of uploading the company logo so that it is displayed on the customer’s receipt

Personal customers retain their existing MobilePay solution, but important improvements are introduced which will also benefit businesses:

  • Secure receipts which are hard to copy and misuse thanks to a moving band on each side
  • New geolocation function in the MobilePay app for customers, enabling them to see shops nearby offering payment by MobilePay
  • In the shop, the company name, logo and number is displayed in the customer’s MobilePay app. The customer can then simply click and enter the amount. Once customers approve the payment, they receive a receipt with the company’s logo, which is saved in the MobilePay activity list.

“The solution can be used by Danske Bank customers and non-Danske Bank customers. Once the setup and proof of identity are in place, you are up and running and ready to receive MobilePay customers,” says Klavs Hjort.

Other business benefits
With MobilePay Business, businesses can receive payments from one in three Danes with a smartphone. And MobilePay is still being downloaded by about 4,000 Danes every day.

“We are seeing a real movement away from notes and coins. MobilePay Business will further accelerate this development because businesses can reduce their cash handling, while customers are no longer dependent on having remembered their purse or wallet,” says Klavs Hjort.

Test customers want to be MobilePay Business customers
Eighteen businesses have tested the new MobilePay Business solution. One of them is the Analog Café at the IT University of Copenhagen.

“MobilePay has made life much easier for us. Today, every fifth payment is made by mobile phone. It’s just all so much faster. And we have far fewer coins and banknotes to deal with. Also, our customers are pretty keen to use MobilePay because it’s so straightforward,” says café manager Jacques Holst.


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