MobilePay for online shopping

July 3, 2014

Danske Bank and DIBS Payment Services are joining forces to further boost Danish e-commerce. As of today, users are able to shop using MobilePay in several well-known webshops. Within the next 12 months, Danske Bank expects to be able to give most of the 10,000 online shops in Denmark access to offering payment using MobilePay.

Danske Bank has entered into an agreement with DIBS Payment Services, which is the biggest supplier of online payment solutions in Denmark and the Nordic region, and which has been involved from day one in the payment solution behind the MobilePay app.

From today, all MobilePay users can therefore shop online and pay with their payment cards via MobilePay at selected Danish test shops.

Online shopping using a payment card via MobilePay has no upper transaction limit. In other words, there is nothing stopping you from buying a washing machine, for example, online. Furthermore, it will be possible to link two payments cards to MobilePay. This has for some time been top of the list of new functionality which users have been keen to have added to the MobilePay app.

Once the pilot phase has been completed successfully by late summer, and experience from users and shops has been collected, the aim is for the solution to be rolled out to all webshops which have an agreement with DIBS. And within a year, Danske Bank expects most of the more than 10,000 Danish webshops to be able to offer payment using MobilePay.

Double-digit growth rates for online shopping
“Within the next few years, Danish e-commerce is expected to top DKK 100 billion in revenue, based on double-digit rates of growth. However, a simple, recognisable and secure solution is needed which is at the same time mobile. MobilePay’s success with consumers shows that there has been a need for such a solution among online shops. We therefore have high hopes for our cooperation with Danske Bank and the growth of Danish e-commerce,” says Daniel Larsson, CCO at DIBS.

Danske Bank’s head of MobilePay, Mark Wraa-Hansen, also sees great potential in the bank’s collaboration with DIBS.
“After just a year, we have close to 1.4 million active MobilePay users. And within the space of just a few months, 1,200 businesses have so far started to accept payment by MobilePay. Most recently, we have launched payment by MobilePay via other apps. And we are now taking a big step forward with e-commerce,” says Mark Wraa-Hansen, adding:
“Danes will now be able to use their smartphones and MobilePay for making all sorts of payments easily and at any time of the day or night. This will make us an increasingly attractive bank for many Danish personal and business customers.”
How to improve the MobilePay customer experience for e-commerce
For customers shopping with their smartphone, tablet or PC, the new solution represents a significant simplification and improvement. To pay for goods when shopping online, customers simply choose MobilePay and enter their mobile number on the website. A request is then sent to the customer’s MobilePay app. Customers then approve the purchase via MobilePay on their phone.
“All our experience with MobilePay shows that customers want simplicity, convenience and security. We are now making it extremely easy and secure to shop online,” says Mark Wraa-Hansen.
In addition, customers don’t have to pay a fee to use MobilePay for shopping onine. Webshops will, however, still be able to charge the usual card fee associated with the card which the customer uses. If the shop charges the usual card fee, this will be displayed very clearly in the payment window in MobilePay before the customer approves the transaction.
Customers can now link more than one card to MobilePay
From today, it is possible to link two cards to MobilePay. Four out of five users have linked a Visa/Dankort to MobilePay, but there are up to 5 million international payment cards on the Danish market. Customers can now link these to MobilePay under the app’s settings. This applies to MasterCard and other Visa cards in addition to Visa/Dankort payment cards.
It is a good idea for customers to link an international payment card to MobilePay, because at the moment Danske Bank is unable to offer MobilePay payment with Dankort or Visa/Dankort cards in webshops. Danske Bank has decided to prioritise the launch of a user-friendly MobilePay solution quickly in order to meet the growing demand from users and shops.
At the same time, the ambition is to find a satisfactory solution for including the Dankort payment card in cooperation with Nets, a payment infrastructure provider.


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