New security solution: eSafeID

Danske Bank is switching to a new security solution, the eSafeID, for Business Online.

The eSafeID is a two-factor authentication solution. These are the two factors:

  1. Something you know (your personal password)
  2. Something you have (your eSafeID device, which generates security codes)
You log on to Business Online with an eSafeID in two steps:
  1. Enter your user ID and personal password
  2. Enter the security code generated by the eSafeID device
As long as you have your eSafeID device with you, you can log on to Business Online from any computer. 

What this means for users:

  • Users of Danske Bank’s web-based solution to log on to Business Online will soon receive more information about the new security solution.
  • Users of the administration module in Business Online will see that we have changed the Order PIN menu item in the left-hand menu to Order New Access. From this menu item, you will be able to order new temporary PINs and the eSafeID devices that you will need for the new eSafeID security solution.
  • Users of integrated solutions like Business API or EDIsec will not be affected.

How to get the eSafeID

  • You will be notified on Business Online’s front page when it is time to get ready for logon with eSafeID.
  • You will receive the eSafeID device by post shortly before you are to switch to the new security solution.
  • In Business Online, you will be guided through the switchover to eSafeID.
  • Once you have started using eSafeID, Business Online will no longer accept any other security solution.

  FAQ about eSafeID

Last updated on 30 April 2012


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