No more crumpled receipts

June 22, 2015

Paper receipts will soon be a thing of the past. Now, all Danes can automatically see their receipts in MobilePay and retrieve them easily with a free text search. As of today, Bilka, a large Danish supermarket chain, and Matas, a large drugstore chain, are linked to the full MobilePay payment solution. It is also possible to view receipts in MobilePay when paying with a card. 
Danes no longer need to rummage through drawers and binders to retrieve receipts if they need to complain about a pair of cracked running shoes or a disintegrating bicycle tyre. Instead, with a free text search, they can quickly locate their receipts or warranty documents in MobilePay.
The new service is the result of cooperation between Danske Bank and Storebox, otherwise known as From today, customers in all Bilka and selected Matas shops will be able to pay with their smartphones and receive an electronic receipt in one smooth process.
“The integration of receipts and mobile payment ties in perfectly with Matas’s strategy, where we focus strongly on providing our customers with the best possible shopping experiences across the various sales channels. Not only is it quick and easy to pay using your smartphone – it also saves time and, in the long term, significant paper resources. It’s pure win-win,” says Thomas Grane Larsen, CIO/IT Director at Matas, who this autumn expects to have rolled out the MobilePay payment solution including receipts to all 294 shops in the drugstore chain.

MobilePay also saves receipts from payments made by card
All Matas shops as well as Dansk Supermarked’s 566 supermarkets – in the Føtex, Bilka, Salling and Netto chains – are already connected to Storebox. This means that customers paying with a card in any one of these shops will also be able to view their receipts in MobilePay – assuming that they pay using one of the cards linked to MobilePay.
In the course of 2015, MobilePay will be installed at all Dansk Supermarked supermarkets, and Danes who use their smartphones to pay will then automatically be able to view their receipts directly in the MobilePay app. Kenneth Nielsen, Group Digital Director at Dansk Supermarked, is delighted with the development.
“MobilePay is a brilliant solution which is easy to use. All that it needed was the receipt function, so that customers were not just presented with the amount, but also had the full receipt saved in their MobilePay app. Now this is possible, and it marks a significant improvement to our customer service,” he says.
As the new solution also works for cards which are linked to MobilePay, from today Danes can save their receipts from about 1,000 Danish shops.
Storebox: The solution will spread like wildfire
“I expect MobilePay’s receipt function to spread like wildfire over the next two years,” says CEO Jacob Aisen from Storebox. Two hundred thousand Danes have already signed up for the receipt service:
“The fact that MobilePay already has more than two million users will encourage a lot of businesses and consumers to start using it. Many of them will see the potential of major environmental benefits, shorter queues and happier customers who can manage their receipts.”
Huge environmental benefits in saved paper
All Danes with a smartphone can easily sign up for the receipt solution. All they have to do is to update the MobilePay app and register for receipts. The solution includes a lot of new functionality, for example multiple users can share an electronic receipt, for example when buying presents.
At Danske Bank, Mark Wraa-Hansen, head of MobilePay, sees the electronic receipts as a key element in making mobile payments easier and quicker for customers shopping in large Danish retail chains.
“Now all you have to do is approve the amount displayed on your smartphone in MobilePay and then you can leave the shop immediately. All the traditional paperwork is saved on your mobile, where it can easily be accessed. At the same time, the potential environmental savings are considerable. Therefore, a key priority for us is to develop a green profile for the next version,” says Mark Wraa-Hansen.
He promises that in 2015, Danes who are registered will be able to access electronic receipts from a much larger number of interesting chain shops, which are all working on implementing MobilePay.

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