MobilePay in the most widespread payment terminals in the Nordic region

September 1, 2016
A new partnership agreement between Danske Bank and Verifone ensures that MobilePay can be used in payment terminals in most of the Nordic region – making contactless mobile payment easier for shops and consumers alike.
In the future, MobilePay users can use the app at Verifone payment terminals that have been prepared for contactless mobile payments. Verifone is the largest supplier in the Nordic countries, with some 400,000 payment terminals installed and a market share of 60%. The new partnership therefore supports the continuing growth of MobilePay in Denmark, Norway and Finland. Globally, 29 million payment terminals have been supplied by Verifone.
The agreement also means that shops with Verifone terminals can handle MobilePay payments without buying and installing new hardware at points of sale. In addition, many consumers will find it easier to make mobile payments because they can use the same terminal as the one they use for card payments.
“Our customers are shops and other traders, and they feel the pressure from consumers wanting to use MobilePay for payment since the app is now installed on nine out of ten smartphones in Denmark,” says Chris Lund-Hansen, CEO at Verifone Denmark A/S.
Lund-Hansen emphasises the very large group of small shops with only one or a few stand-alone points of sale. They will now have an up-to-date, all-in-one solution that supports MobilePay, cards with chips and PINs, and contactless cards.
Agreement supports wider MobilePay use in Norway and Finland
At Danske Bank, the head of the MobilePay unit, Mark Wraa-Hansen, sees Verifone as the leading supplier of payment terminals, in terms of both coverage and innovation. Moreover, Verifone has a dedicated-partnership approach and a realistic ambition to supply shops with complete infrastructure solutions that cover all types of payment.
“The Verifone solution satisfies the desires of Nordic shop customers to use a single piece of hardware and also makes mobile payment even more accessible, logical and simple for consumers,” says Wraa-Hansen. “The agreement supports our ambition to open up MobilePay for partners who will help to ensure that consumers and shops in Denmark, Norway and Finland have the leading solution for mobile payments.”
Wraa-Hansen emphasises that Verifone and Danske Bank have the same view of consistent customer-driven development and user-friendliness. Verifone has thus ensured that the solution supports existing MobilePay features such as digital receipts and loyalty programmes. The Verifone terminal will thus be a long-lasting supplement to existing solutions for physical shops, that is, terminals from GoAppified, the white boxes installed at supermarket points of sale and MobilePay Business.

Bluetooth chip enables contactless mobile payments
Technically speaking, Verifone’s payment terminals will be ready to process MobilePay payments when a Bluetooth chip is installed for contactless communication with the mobile phone. Verifone will supply the chip. The price will be a small extra monthly charge or will be covered by the customer’s service agreement with Verifone. In addition, the shop must have an agreement on MobilePay with Danske Bank.
The development project is already underway, and Verifone and Danske Bank expect to have the first customers up and running just after the turn of the year. In Denmark, pilot tests may start as early as in November. Norway and Finland are expected to be ready in the beginning of 2017.
Domino’s Pizza looks forward to new terminals
At Domino’s Pizza, Denmark’s largest pizza chain, they can hardly wait to have their Verifone terminals set up for MobilePay. The chain expects to be ready to receive MobilePay payments in Denmark in November.
“Earlier in the year, Domino’s launched MobilePay for online transactions, and our online customers were happy,” says Carsten Falk, head of Domino’s Pizza in Denmark. “With the integration in Verifone terminals, we will remove yet another transaction barrier so that our customers in shops and on deliveries can have even faster and better service. Our customers get their pizzas delivered in less than 30 minutes on average. With the integration, we will cut down the delivery time by another two minutes. That may not sound like much, but with more than 250,000 deliveries a year, it is a quantum leap.”

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