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June 7, 2016
In a few weeks, you can start paying your bills with MobilePay Invoice. Personal customers will have a significantly easier solution where they need only accept and approve a bill. Businesses will save considerable resources, avoid entry errors and spend less time sending out reminders.
Three million MobilePay users can look forward to easier and faster payment of bills such as car repair bills or electrician’s bills.
Until now, Danes have received their bills by e-mail or by letter and have had to enter a series of digits and amounts. In the future, all they need to do is to accept the payment by swiping “approved” in MobilePay.
Version one of the solution will be launched in concert with network provider Sproom, and the solution is suitable for all businesses that send the occasional invoice to personal customers. In future, a business needs only to establish an agreement with the customer and have the customer’s mobile phone number to send the bill.
“This is a true win-win situation,” says Lars Sjögren, head of Transaction Banking at Danske Bank. “The customer will receive his or her bill digitally, and paying the bill will be easy and simple. The business will often be paid sooner and need to use fewer reminders and less troubleshooting in reconciling payments.”
Topdanmark and Gastech-Energi test the solution
Danske Bank will make the solution available to all businesses in June, and the solution is already being tested by selected business customers. One of these is the insurer Topdanmark, which is looking forward to using the more flexible payment method when, for instance, a customer pays the excess on a car repair.
“A very large number of our customers are ready to start using electronic solutions,” says Henrik Aksel Olsen, who is responsible for digital collection solutions at Topdanmark. “Thanks to the great popularity of MobilePay, the solution is perfect for us, because it enables us to ensure that the amount and the reference on the payment are always correct. It will make us more efficient and our customers more satisfied when they can pay while on the move.”
Another business testing the solution is Gastech-Energi, which supplies and services heating solutions for industry and households.
“Until now, we sent the occasional invoice by e-mail and by letter,” says Kim Bach Hansen, CFO at Gastech-Energi. “The MobilePay solution will be an efficient supplement, because it makes the payment easier for the customers.”
Solution design
MobilePay Invoice is based on a well-known invoice standard used by businesses when sending bills to the public authorities in Denmark – the NemHandel infrastructure. Danske Bank has also decided to use the joint inpayment form (FIK), which is a very common standard that ensures a high level of quality in the reconciliation of invoices.
Starting to use MobilePay Invoice is easy for businesses. They need to make only minor adjustments to their financial management systems. MobilePay Invoice’s partner, the e-invoice business Sproom, already has an invoicing module installed at 40,000 customers, and, with only a few adjustments to the customer’s financial management system, the module will provide full access to MobilePay Invoice.
“Our solution for electronic invoicing has already been installed at Gastech-Energi, which will be testing MobilePay Invoice over the next couple of weeks,” says Thomas Permin Berger, CEO of Sproom. “We are pleased to be a pilot provider of MobilePay Invoice, which holds a fantastic potential. It will improve businesses’ cash flows, strengthen their liquidity management and bring Denmark closer to a cashless society. Moreover, it will eliminate the huge costs involved in sending invoices by letter.”
The solution will be available free of charge to personal customers, while business customers will pay a small fee per payment. All Danish businesses can use MobilePay Invoice – even if they bank exclusively with another bank. They need only to open an account with Danske Bank before they can start using the service.
The outlook for MobilePay Invoice
A few weeks ago, Danske Bank introduced DynamicPay, a product that generates an overview of invoices and solves the problem of late payment. This solution and MobilePay Invoice both reflect Danske Bank’s ambition to establish more comprehensive and flexible processes for all types of payment.
“In both cases, we had a close dialogue with the customers prior to the introduction of the products, and we listen carefully to the feedback that we receive,” says Lars Sjögren. “The next step will be to develop new features and solutions.”

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