Pay with MobilePay from your Apple watch

August 27, 2015
As of today, customers can use their much-hyped Apple Watch to approve requests for MobilePay payments. So now you don’t even have to take your smartphone out of your pocket. In coming versions, it’s going to be possible to use the watch to pay for your shopping at the supermarket checkout. In the autumn, Danske Bank will be linking its Danske Mobile Banking solution with the Apple Watch so that users can view account balances and use other functionality.

You feel a short vibration on your left wrist and, curious, you glance down at your Apple Watch. A MobilePay message is displayed. You click and log on to the system. Lise would like you to contribute DKK 200 towards a birthday present for your Aunt Anne. You approve and return to your work.
Today, Danske Bank is presenting the first version of MobilePay for one of the world’s most hyped products, the Apple Watch. Apple Watch is expected to go on sale in Denmark in September.
Also possible to use the watch at the supermarket checkout
Initially, you will be able to approve and reject MobilePay payments via Apple Watch as well as receiving push notifications from MobilePay. This matches the idea with the watch – to be able to perform quick and simple actions for people on the go. However, the small size of the screen makes it more difficult to enter figures, numbers and names, says Mark Wraa-Hansen, head of MobilePay at Danske Bank.

“In addition, we will carefully listen to users’ initial reactions and take stock. The aim, of course, is for it to be possible to make lightning-fast MobilePay payments with your watch in the supermarket along the same lines as the model which is being rolled out at the moment in Denmark’s large retail chains,” says Mark Wraa-Hansen.

Many people see Apple and the company’s products as competitors to existing banks. Danske Bank on the other hand sees Apple more as a source of inspiration and a business partner. The bank is therefore also planning to make Danske Mobile Banking available on the Apple Watch later in the autumn. This will incorporate a wide range of new functionality, for example a balance control function.

MobilePay now in three countries
Last week, Danske Bank launched MobilePay in Norway. This now means that MobilePay is on the market in Norway, Finland and Denmark, while Danske Bank in Sweden and Northern Ireland are using the industry solutions Swish and Paym.


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