All you need is your smartphone in the supermarket

March 11, 2015

Dansk Supermarked, a large Danish supermarket chain, is the first supermarket in Denmark to give shoppers the option of paying for their shopping quickly and easily at the checkout using their smartphones and MobilePay. Following a trial period, the supermarket chain expects the solution to be implemented in all of the 566 supermarkets in its Føtex, Bilka, Salling and Netto chains by the end of the year. 
As of today, customers visiting the Føtex Storcenter Nord supermarket in Aarhus, Denmark’s second-largest city, can leave their wallets and purses at home and pay instead using their smartphones at the checkout. This supermarket is thus the first in Denmark to give shoppers the option of quickly and easily paying for their shopping using their smartphones. 

Over the next month, this new type of mobile payment will be launched at four other supermarkets around the country. Then, following a trial period, the solution can quickly be rolled out to all of the supermarkets in the 566 Føtex, Bilka, Salling and Netto chains. The solution is based on Danske Bank’s MobilePay app which communicates wirelessly with the cash register using NFC and Bluetooth technology.

Tomorrow’s mobile payment solution for the Danish retail trade
“We believe that this will become the mobile payment solution of the future for large Danish retail chains. It’s a very customer-friendly and intuitive solution, where the amount to pay is displayed directly on the smartphone screen and approved with a simple swipe. At the same time, it is based on the smartphone which most Danes carry with them wherever they go,” says Kenneth Nielsen, Group Digital Director at Dansk Supermarked.
He emphasises that the speed at which the mobile payment solution will be rolled out at Dansk Supermarked will be determined by customers.
“We receive more than 200 million payments a year in Denmark. It wouldn’t surprise me if 5 per cent of them were made using smartphones by summer next year. But it’s entirely up to our customers. We are still very happy with the Dankort payment card, and see the mobile payment solution as a new and promising supplement to cards and cash,” he says.

MobilePay POS solution improves customer experience
Danske Bank sees the MobilePay POS solution in Dansk Supermarked as a key step towards improving the customer experience in large retail chains.

“We are proud to have created a ground-breaking solution through our fantastic cooperation with Dansk Supermarked, a solution which further consolidates MobilePay’s leading position within solutions for business,” says Mark Wraa-Hansen, head of MobilePay at Danske Bank.

He sees the product as being just as user-friendly as a payment card, and promises that the new mobile payment solution will be strengthened further to create even more value for customers.
“This is only the beginning. We want to improve MobilePay and, at the same time, enhance the product by adding more intelligent and innovative functionality. This year, for example, we will make it possible to save receipts on your smartphone,” he says.
Strategic collaboration continues
The mobile POS solution is a milestone in the strategic cooperation between Denmark’s biggest bank and the country’s largest retailer which started last spring. So far, the cooperation has been limited to using MobilePay in Starbucks coffee shops in the chain’s Salling, Bilka and Føtex supermarkets.
“But it’s not stopping here. We still see a number of opportunities for creating better mobile payment solutions together with Danske Bank,” says Kenneth Nielsen, Dansk Supermarked. 


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