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September 24, 2015
Denmark’s first mobile bonus programme is now seeing the light of day. It’s called MobilePay Bonus, and gives the user a min. 5 per cent bonus in all shops which sign up for the concept. MobilePay Bonus is initially being trialled at about 25 shops in the Danish city of Lyngby, near Copenhagen. So if you are tired of paper cards, stickers and loyalty cards cluttering up your purse or wallet, now there is an alternative.
MobilePay Bonus opens today. It is a bonus programme which is initially aimed at small and medium-sized shops using MobilePay.
Each time a customer pays using MobilePay, he or she is awarded a min. 5 per cent bonus if the shop offers MobilePay Bonus. To begin with, the concept is being launched on a trial basis to obtain feedback from customers and the shops.
We have decided to make Lyngby near Copenhagen Denmark’s first MobilePay Bonus town. Here, about 25 shops have agreed to test the new bonus solution. Once all the experience has been collected, we expect to offer the solution to all MobilePay Business shops, in other words all the shops already displaying the MobilePay sticker.
Bonus programme to include all MobilePay solutions
But our ambitions go even higher, says Mark Wraa-Hansen, head of MobilePay at Danske Bank.
“In the next phase, we will test the system thoroughly with one or two nationwide retail chains, while also offering to support existing large bonus programmes. In the long term, the ambition is to be able to offer customers a bonus each time they pay with MobilePay, regardless of whether they are shopping in smaller shops, large chains or in webshops,” says Mark Wraa-Hansen.
Working with users
MobilePay has worked with the bonus concept for some time. A year ago, efforts were already being made to find users via the social media who were willing to provide input on how a bonus concept might look, one which offered them the greatest value. Concurrently with these activities, MobilePay has held workshops with the shops to find out what they want.
Shops in Lyngby welcome MobilePay Bonus
“Customers don’t want to have to deal with lots of different cards and codes to get their loyalty benefits. They want a combined solution, on their phone. Therefore, we are looking forward to testing this new and exciting initiative from MobilePay,” says Claus Brun Stallknecht, owner of Løberen, a sportswear retailer.
The clothing retailer Jardex highlights the fact that a simple and carefully designed bonus system minimises the administrative costs.
“At the same time, the solution is user-friendly and fast, which is hugely valuable when, as a quality store, you want to make customers feel even more loyal and satisfied,” says Jardex CEO Ulrik Jardorf.
The staff at Blomsterberg’s Café are also delighted to be able to offer new benefits to loyal patrons and MobilePay users.
“As a small company, MobilePay Bonus gives us the opportunity to create our own loyalty concept. It is a value-adding, innovative and future-proof payment solution which will come to be used by most Danes. “We’re very pleased we can offer it to the café’s guests,” says Nilaus Bille Nielsen from Blomsterberg’s Café.


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