New supplier site

March 12, 2013

A new supplier site on will simplify collaboration between Danske Bank and its suppliers. 

“To make it as simple and efficient as possible to collaborate and exchange information on supplier transactions, we have created a site where suppliers can access relevant information and contact us directly,” says Lene Krusegaard of Group Procurement.

Both new and existing suppliers must register on the site
Besides making it easier for suppliers to get in touch with the us, we are also making it easier for us to ensure that our suppliers always meet the Group’s requirements.

“As a member of the UN’s Global Compact, we make large demands on ourselves and our suppliers, for example in the areas of human rights, the environment and anti-corruption,” continues Lene Krusegaard. “The site helps us make sure that we ask our suppliers all the pertinent questions and that they are screened for social responsibility.”

The site is used in all the countries where the Group operates, and it contains an overview of invoicing addresses for all the countries, among other things.

See the new supplier site at



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