A central unit is responsible for all purchases for branches, departments and business units across the Group. We have chosen to organise our purchases in this way to ensure optimal sourcing processes.

We choose our suppliers on the basis of an overall assessment of price, quality and their ability to meet our environmental, security and process standards. When we assess the price of a product, we look at the total cost of ownership, which includes purchase, delivery, current costs and disposal.

Overview of procurement

Products and services

View the categories of products and services we source and read the various requirements they have to meet.
Sourcing processes

Read about our professional sourcing models that ensure uniform supply standards across the Group.

Read our conditions, security requirements, travel policy and our position on confidentiality and references.


Read how we use e-Sourcing and e-Auction to obtain information, prices and offers in connection with tenders and procurement.

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We want to receive all invoices electronically. Find information about invoice addresses and see our invoice requirements.

Read about invoicing

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