Best initiative to Drive Innovative Solution
at Danske Bank Group

This award recognizes the project, action or initiative that demonstrates true innovation and disruption that is beyond evolution.

This may be a creative solution to a challenging issue, distinct new method or approach.
The implemented solution can represent any area (business unit) within the Danske Bank Group covering one or more markets.

The nominees must be in a position to document reliability and value realized after the implementation.

The nominee must also show the collaborative effort to create the innovative solution in cooperation with Danske Bank.


Key criteria points

Address a real challenge — describe the clear scope of a problem and what the objectives of the initiative were.

Real innovation and wow factor — describe how the innovation initiative has created something truly new, valuable, unique, and sustainable for Danske Bank Group.

Deliverables — describe in layman terms what results the initiative delivered and how the vendor contributed and impacted Danske Bank Group.

Execution & Challenges — describe how the initiative was executed with emphasis on the innovation idea generation that was facilitated between Danske Bank Group and the vendor. Also highlight the challenges and how you overcame them.

Aligned with values — describe how the contributions of the nominee aligns with Danske Bank’s essence

Outcome & Results — summarize the documented outcome of the efforts, i.e. what benefits were realized. Also include the testimonials and feedback from the users in the accountable business unit and stakeholders in Danske Bank Group.


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