Guidance on the submission

General Guidelines


  • All submissions must be made through the application form available on Danske Bank Supplier site (see 'Enter' Tab on this page). Please note that the application process is currently closed.
  • All submissions have to follow the template available for the application form (see 'Enter' Tab on this page)
  • Please note that vendors can be nominated by themselves or anyone else involved in the project or initiative. Danske Bank Group and vendor both need to appoint a single point of contact (SPOC) with contact details. Danske Bank Group's SPOC has to approve the validity of the documentation and information provided in the application. This is to be provided in the application form on this site (See 'Enter' Tab on this page).
  • Please read Terms and Conditions for Danske Bank Vendor Awards here.
Template Guidelines

These guidelines are also available in the application template

Format and word limit

  • Each section (criteria) has a word limit defined, please follow it at all times
  • Font to be used: Calibri (Body), size 11 for the information shared
  • All text highlighted in template should be deleted and be replaced by the relevant information
  • The completed application should be converted to pdf and must be uploaded on the supplier site submission page (see 'Enter' Tab on this page)


  • The key criteria should be addressed for the initiative the nominee is applying for
  • All activities cited in support of your entries must have been implemented within the calendar year of 2018


  • Please make sure to have the reference shared at the end of the document. This is mandatory
  • Without any references, the application will not qualify for the next round
  • No separate document for reference to be provided
  • All the information provided by nominee in each section should have right and valid reference provided to it.


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