Wiral - Progress in October

On October 17, Wiral launched what Red Bull is calling “one of the most creative accessories on the market."

The Wiral Lite cable cam met the funding goal of $30,000 within the first four minutes of being launched on Kickstarter; raised $100,000 in the first hour; and had secured 12,000 interested buyers (pre-launch). The campaign is currently at over $650,000, a number that is rising daily. With uses across the whole spectrum of filming, from extreme sports on mountain tops to indoor weddings, the innovative cable cam—an affordable, quick-to-set-up, lightweight accessory that allows for the remote control of a camera along a rope—is looking to be a massive hit among professionals and amateurs alike.

CEO and co-founder Andrea Holvik Thorson shares her thoughts on the experience so far,

"In these kinds of processes, there are many moments when you become unsure about what you are doing, where you are going, and if any of it makes any sense. It is therefore very important to be surrounded by a good team; not only in the form of colleagues but also in a family who understands. Not least, it has been fantastic to be affiliated with networks such as Gründerskolen at NTNU and nHack in such moments; people who have done this before, whom we can lean on and ask questions."

The team is making good progress with product development and production setup in China, while continuing to assess feedback from testers all over the world. Benefitting from Danske Bank's resources and the nHack programme which has given them tremendous help in "navigating the jungle of factories and production facilities" in the past month  Team Wiral is looking to commence the shipping of their Wiral Lite product in Spring 2018.

Click here to view the campaign on Kickstarter.

[The Wiral Lite: sleek, lighweight, with a universal mount that can support any smartphone, camera, or stabliser up to 3.3lbs/1.5kg, and a max speed of 27mph/45kmh]


[The Wiral team)




[Testing the product with Tyler John, content creator GoPro (left) in Los Angeles, U.S.A.]




[Introducing the Wiral Lite cable cam]