Accelerate your start-up with nHack & Danske Bank in China

Business opportunities in the world's second largest economy - China. Join us to learn how nHack and Danske Bank can propel your business to the Great Wall and beyond

China is stepping into a new global role in terms of free trade, renewable energy and international climate convention commitments, and the world’s second largest economy is still in continuous rapid growth. This means that a presence in China can give Nordic businesses a competitive edge. With its 780 million mobiles where IM is the new OS, China is in many ways also leading the world in
digitalisation and artificial intelligence. China has access to capital, talent, and market, and is home to 70 of the world’s 250 unicorns (a startup company valued at more than 1 billion USD). China has transitioned from copying the compeition to being at the forefront of it. 
nHack operates with several Asian accelerators and venture capital funds, focusing uniquely on bridging Norwegian start-ups to Asia. Its aim is to assist companies with prototyping, sourcing, production, local sales, or raising capital in Asia. The attention is on shortening time to market while also positioning companies for cross-border mergers and acquisition/exists to Asian investors.

At the event, you will have the opportunity to hear from and meet nHack founder Chris Rynning. Additionally, you will get to meet the great start-ups from the first edition of nHack in Shanghai: MovieMask, Wiral, PlayPulse, Blueye Robotics, BreachVR, and Orkel. They will share their insights on being part of the nHack programme and reveal the exciting developments the future has in store for them.      
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Want to participate in the nHack Spring 2018 edition? Stay tuned, applications open November 14th, 2017. Check out the nHack website here.