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Integrating corporate responsibility in our core business 

Corporate Responsibility (CR) plays a central role in realising our vision of being recognised as the most trusted financial partner. In the new report, we outline our approach to corporate responsibility and report on our performance in 2016.

In 2016, we worked to integrate corporate responsibility further in our core business and we continued to develop programmes within our two strategic themes: Financial confidence and Accessibility. To improve children’s and young people’s financial confidence in an inspiring way, we offer websites, online games, teaching material and information for parents. To ensure accessibility for everyone, we launched a pilot project in partnership with MobilePay and the Hus Forbi organisation. Now 35 homeless people in Denmark can offer purchasers of Hus Forbi the option of paying with MobilePay.

As a new element in the report, we highlight our contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals, adopted by the UN in 2015. Our contribution is part of our continuing commitment to the UN Global Compact, which we joined almost ten years ago.

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