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Chief strategist: We expect a return of 8 to 10% on equities

A storm of political and geopolitical risks has swept over the financial markets, and the winds are unlikely to abate in the coming months.

Danske Bank’s chief strategist, Tine Choi, assesses the state of the economy and highlights the most attractive investment opportunities in our Quarterly House View for Q4 2018.

Despite the trade war, sanctions against Iran and Russia, crises in Turkey and Argentina, the US midterm elections and uncertainties about Brexit, we have not yet seen any signs of a pronounced economic downturn.

Tine Choi

Chief Strategist

  • Despite growth slowing, our chief strategist expects the expansion to remain intact for the next 12 months
  • Greatest potential in equities from the emerging markets, not least Asian equities, which seem to be attractively priced
  • Sector-wise, Tine Choi sees the most attractive potential in healthcare, IT and commodities

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