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Chief strategist: Equities to recoup losses in 2019

Don’t worry: Although the financial markets are behaving as if an economic recession is just around the corner, that’s not what Danske Banks Chief Strategist, Tine Choi, is expecting in her predictions in Quarterly House View Q1 2019.

Tine Choi is confident, that 2019 will be more normal than 2018. The huge monetary policy experiment whereby central banks bought back enormous amounts of bonds is coming to an end.

We maintain our positive view on equities relative to bonds.

Tine Choi

Chief Strategist, Danske Bank 

Highlights from Quarterly House View, Q1 2019 

  • Return expectations revised down slightly to 7-9 pct. in local currency over the coming 12 months 
  • By June 2019 we expect the US Central Bank’s policy rate to be neutral at 3 pct.
  • The European Central Bank will do it’s first rate hike since 2011 in Q4 2019
  • The global upswing will remain intact in 2019. Markets will continue to climb and at least recoup their 2018-losses

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