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Combined MobilePay and card terminal now available

For the first time ever, a new Danish payment terminal is being launched which can both take cards and process quick MobilePay transactions. The terminal is expected to be significantly cheaper than existing terminals on the market while boasting increased functionality. According to Danske Bank, it will be the perfect solution for at least 50,000 businesses, for example retailers, restaurants, transport companies and amusement parks.

Thousands of Danish businesses will soon be able to acquire a handy payment terminal which handles MobilePay as well as various payment cards. Together with GoAppified, Danske Bank has developed the new terminal, which can be integrated with the cash register or operate as a completely mobile and portable device in the shop.

The terminal will be tested in the coming months by pilot customers to gain experience before full roll-out.

“Many business customers have long been asking for a terminal which can handle MobilePay and payment cards. Now it will soon be available. We believe it holds huge potential and will be interesting for at least 50,000 Danish companies, especially medium-sized businesses,” says Mark Wraa-Hansen, head of MobilePay at Danske Bank.

Two versions which can handle all phone types
The all-in-one terminal is available in two versions which can handle all smartphones via Bluetooth. The extended version also has a built-in mini printer for receipts as well as a touch screen.

“We expect the new terminal to be significantly cheaper to purchase for businesses than existing terminals. We want the price of MobilePay transactions on the new terminals to be fully competitive with cards for small and medium-sized shops,” says Mark Wraa-Hansen.

Restaurant chain and gourmet liquorice shops start using new terminal
The terminals are being demonstrated at the Foodexpo trade fair in the Danish city of Herning from Sunday. From April, they will be installed and tested by customers in collaboration with Ajour, a supplier of cash register systems. At the same time, new customers can sign up for the solution. Sales start from the summer, but agreements have already been signed with the Madklubben restaurant chain and the liquorice producer Bülow.

“We are looking forward to testing the new terminal at Madklubben. We find that many of our guests already use MobilePay on their phones, for example when friends need to share a bill. Now, the waiter will be able to give our guests the choice of paying by card or using MobilePay directly on the restaurant terminal,” says Steffen Tang Lystbæk, CFO at Madklubben.

In Bülow’s experience, the small all-in-one terminals make it easier and more customer-friendly to open new outlets for their successful chocolate liquorice range.
“Our sales staff and customers will be thrilled that paying by mobile phone or card will be even smarter and even more standardised. After all, cards and MobilePay are by far the most popular payment methods in Denmark,” says Johan Bülow, who owns Lakrids by Johan Bülow.

MobilePay solutions for all types of business
The new terminal increases the number of MobilePay solutions for Danish businesses. Small businesses can continue with MobilePay Business, which does not even require a terminal, while large chains such as Dansk Supermarked, a supermarket chain, will probably continue to use the white MobilePay box, of which 20,000 have been sold so far.

“All types of businesses are free to choose the new all-in-one terminal. However, it is likely to appeal in particular to the medium-size business segment, which has lacked a tailor-made MobilePay payment solution that can also take cards,” says Søren Jensen, CEO at GoAppified, which has helped design the new terminal and the MobilePay box.

Companies can sign up from today
The all-in-one terminal is a kind of a mini-computer, allowing the software to be continually updated to suit new technologies or new user situations. It is sold by a number of cash register system suppliers. Businesses can quickly and easily indicate their interest in the solution by writing to It is also very straightforward for a business to start using the new terminal.