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Danske Bank in partnership with SingularityU Denmark

Danish and other Nordic businesses will have easier access to inspiration and knowledge about the latest technological developments, when Silicon Valley-based knowledge and think tank Singularity University comes to Copenhagen with Danske Bank as a partner.

The Singularity University knowledge and think tank is setting up a 5,000-sqm innovation and education environment in Denmark under the SingularityU Denmark name. The aim is to make Singularity University’s knowledge about exponential technologies more accessible to Danish and other Nordic businesses.

Since its establishment in Silicon Valley in 2008, Singularity University has educated and inspired thousands of leaders and entrepreneurs in relation to the acceleration of technological developments and the implications for businesses and society in general.

Danske Bank has entered into a partnership agreement with SingularityU Denmark.

“The agreement fits well with our ambition to be a market leader in technology and digital solutions that create value for our customers. Through our partnership with SingularityU Denmark, we have will access to knowledge and inspiration that are essential for our work to use technology to create new services and solutions for our customers.”

- Henriette Fenger Ellekrog, Head of HR at Danske Bank

Facts about Singularity University

Knowledge and think tank Singularity University was established in 2008 in Silicon Valley. The institution is among the global leaders in exponential technologies. Singularity University activities include artificial intelligence, robotics, digital biology, energy and environmental systems, pharmaceuticals and neuro science, nanotechnology and digital production as well as networks and IT systems.

SingularityU Denmark will operate a large number of education and innovation programmes that combine the latest in exponential technologies with how to operate a business in the future.

“SingularityU Denmark will be an environment that gives us a unique possibility of combining the best that Silicon Valley has to offer with the strengths that we have in the Nordic countries,” says Laila Pawlak, the CEO of SingularityU Denmark.

According to Laila Pawlak, SingularityU Denmark will house both startups, growth businesses and the development units of established businesses. The organisation itself will also have extensive educational activities. The new environment will include a café, conference facilities and a maker space, which is a modern collaborative workspace equipped with the newest tools and 3D printers, which make it easy to make prototypes.




Employers of the future
Brian Mikkelsen, Denmark’s Minister of Business and Industry, welcomes Singularity University’s new initiative.

“Denmark must be at the forefront of the digital transformation and we must use digitalisation to create growth and improve our society to the benefit of all Danes,” says Brian Mikkelsen. “This requires employees, managers and entrepreneurs alike to always be up to date on the possibilities offered by new technology. When Singularity University chooses to place their international hub in Denmark, they acknowledge the potential we have in Denmark and offers more Danish businesses the possibility of getting ahead of digital developments.”

Copenhagen Science City believes in growth and synergy
SingularityU Denmark will be based in Copenhagen Science City. Thomas Bjørnholm, chair of Copenhagen Science City and prorector at the University of Copenhagen, says:

“We welcome SingularityU Denmark to Copenhagen Science City and are glad that they want to contribute to developing the science city, which already offers research, businesses and world-class education.”

Activities for young people, students and entrepreneurs
SingularityU Denmark is registered as a Benefit Corporation. This means that the organisation is required to make a positive difference in addition to its commercial activities. Among other initiatives, the organisation will offer activities for young people, students and entrepreneurs.