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June makes investing more accessible for all Danes

Beginning today, all Danes can start investing via Danske Bank’s new investment solution. The solution allows you to invest as little as DKK 100 at low cost, and you can increase or reduce your investment at no extra cost.

Far too many Danes hold large amounts in deposit accounts that earn very little or no interest. In addition, many believe that investing is complex, expensive, risky and only for wealthy people. June is intended to change that. By offering a flexible, user-friendly, digital investment solution, June allows Danes to increase their savings in an easy and transparent way.

“We see that we live longer and stay healthier for longer, so we need more than ever to look at our finances and invest to enable us to live the life we want,” says Tonny Thierry Andersen, Head of Danske Bank Wealth Management. “June removes some of the barriers that have typically prevented people from investing. For example, we have made it easy to get started and have created a flexible solution that allows you to take money out or put more money in on an ongoing basis.

“We know that more than one million Danes have more than DKK 50,000 deposited in accounts with Danish banks, so the potential investments are significant. Especially when you consider that today, a large part of that money earns no interest at all. On the contrary, inflation means that your savings lose value over time. With June, even customers with small savings can start investing, and it does not have to be expensive – the cost is less than 1% of the amount invested.”

You can start using with just DKK 100. You do not have to bank with Danske Bank, and it takes only about ten minutes to get a personal recommendation for an investment. June is a 100% digitalised investment platform accessible from a desktop, tablet or mobile phone. On the basis of some simple questions, June provides the user with an individual recommendation to invest in one of June’s five investment funds. The funds are composed to match various investment profiles that take into account the risk profile, time horizon, assets, and other characteristics of the individual investor.

The funds invest in a very broad selection of both shares and bonds via ETFs (index funds) and are adjusted and optimised on an ongoing basis by Danske Bank’s investment experts.

“Our starting point is what the customers want, and we have tested the solution with more than a thousand users since November last year,” says Tonny Thierry Andersen. “We now launch June for all Danes, and over the coming years, we will develop the solution further with the help of user input. We hope and trust that June will help change many people’s perception of investing.”

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