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Nordic anti-cybercrime collaboration creates interest in the Danish Financial Sector

With the latest cyberattack “WannaCry” in fresh remembrance, Danske Bank hosted the first cyber security event within the new collaborative forum, Nordic Financial CERT.

Representatives from banks, pension and insurance companies and data centrals in Denmark were invited to join a stronger Nordic collaboration fighting cybercrime under the wings of Nordic Financial CERT.

The Nordic Financial CERT was established in April 2017 with Nordea, DnB and Danske Bank as founding partners with the aim to identify, defend against and combat cyber risks in the financial sector more efficiently.

Danske Bank hosted the event to collect support from all financial institutions, big and small, to the common Nordic initiative.

“Cybercrime affects our customers across the Nordics. By founding and strongly supporting a cross-border Nordic initiative to combat cybercrime, Danske Bank is able to work with other financial institutions and government agencies to make our Nordic communities safer. By collaborating in the Nordic Financial CERT, we are stronger, and together we can reduce fraud and criminal activity that affects our customers.”

- Jim Ditmore, COO, Danske Bank

The event outlined the Nordic Financial CERT´s objectives, and the opportunities offered regarding cybersecurity incidents and threat information sharing.

“I experienced a strong interest to support to the idea of a Nordic collaboration and I hope that all the participants will see the benefit of joining. Cybercrime does not stop at the border and I believe that the Danish financial sector can benefit from sharing knowledge and best practices across the Nordic countries,” says Morten Tandle, who will be leading the Nordic Financial CERT.

Next step is to formally create the association, and then launch a Nordic Financial CERT membership package for financial institutions. The package is planned to be ready for sign up this summer.

Interested financial institutions can contact for more information.